Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sera and Rosso

Sera is on the left, Rosso on the right. They are 1/2 siblings because they have the same dam or mother. I think I've posted this before but it's the only picture I have of both of them right now.

My friend Ann's horse, PJ, had to have colic surgery and while PJ is recovering Ann doesn't have a horse to ride.

I offered that she could ride Rosso. He is perfectly fine up at Rex's indoor arena and doesn't try any of his monkey business like he does at home.

I brought both horses up to Rex's indoor arena last night and Ann met me there. We had a blast! Ann is cheerful and fun and it's really cool to watch someone else on your horse. He did well for her. He spooked once and Ann handles it just fine.

When you ride you feel how they are going but you can't really SEE what they look like. I had fun watching him go and we had a great time. I worked some stiffness out of my muscles, got some exercise, had fun, BOTH of my horses got worked and by the time I got home, my mood was drastically improved.

Nothing elevates my mood like a good ride and being around the horses. Buh-bye bete noir!

Ann is gonna come to my riding lesson on Sunday at 10:00am and I'll bring Rosso. It's gonna be fun. SHHHHHH! Don't tell Mrs. Kravitz on us.... she will be jealous that I didn't offer Rosso to her to ride first. He isn't really out on loan like a library book for anyone to ride ... and I'm pretty sure their personalities wouldn't mesh. If he spooked, she would most definately, without question fall off which would be bad for everyone involved.

I clean Rex's barn tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. I'm the fill in cleaner when the regular working students can't do it and I am a complete and total whore for lessons... each time I clean the barn it = free lessons.


Kelley said...

I saw a note on Ann's Facebook (why aren't you on FB??) about being really appriciative of friends that are willing to share their horses!!! Sounds like she had a good time. : )
You are VERY nice. It is fun to see your horse go with someone else... but like you said, you wouldn't want a Library like situation. Is it HORRIBLE that a sick part of me is kind'a just Waiting for Mrs Kravitz to find out???? hee!hee!hee!hee! Bad me!!! this nice weather has me all fired up!!! Have a great time riding with Ann and cleaning... it's good weather for it.

Shanster said...

FB freaks me out. I dunno why but it does.

Well I can see Mrs. Kravitz and the minute Rosso spooked, she'd be in the dirt. She wouldn't go quietly either... there would be much squawking and yelling which would not good for a sensitive flower like Rosso. Hmmm - it WOULD almost be worth putting her on... too bad Rosso is such a girlie-man.

Barn cleaning in this weather is a snap! I'm sorry I can't come to see you on Saturday - we are meeting our tax man in Longmont at 6pm. :(