Sunday, February 22, 2009

dun, dun, dunnnnn - The Stew....

Like I said in my previous post - the stew smelled good - smelled like a normal crock-pot dish. You know - that smell when you've been gone all day and you walk in the house and there is a good, somethin's in the oven smell that makes your mouth water and your stomach growl?

But would it taste good too?? It was both Furry Husband and my first run in with goat meat. And from a goat we knew and raised.

We had a nice red table wine from B.R. Cohn winery - Moose's Red. We both dug in. I'm not sure what I was expecting. Everyone kept saying goat meat is distinctive. A guy at work keeps saying with a grimace on his face, "I want to know what it smells like when it's cooking!"

I was looking for a difference in taste, texture, flavor, smell - whatever.

Nope. I couldn't tell the difference between these bite size pieces of goat stew meat and beef stew meat. It was tender and fell apart in your mouth - there was no strong taste or distinctive taste. I was looking for something to be different and I couldn't find it. I'm not an adventurous eater either... I'm not usually all gangbusters to eat odd or unusual foods. I would never last on one of those travel channel shows that highlight the host eating foods like roasted beetle or jellied moose nose.

I won't lie - I didn't dig in like I could with an anonymous animal. I had to really try hard to not think about where this meat came from and when I first saw Furry Husband cutting it into pieces for the stew I cringed... but I ate it! It was good, nutritious and I couldn't find a thing wrong with it as much as I may have wanted to.

I suspect - like with goat milk - the people who had a bad experience with goat meat maybe didn't prepare it properly? Didn't do the research first? Couldn't get past the social stigma in their brains? I don't know.

Goat is the primary food and milk source in many, many countries. Much more than cow... I wonder why goats have such a bad rap in the U.S.? Tell people you drink goat milk and just watch their faces screw up into disgust. I did tell you we have taste tests? I will buy whole cows milk and I'll pour a glass alongside a glass of our goat milk. 99.9% of the time people choose the cow milk as being the one that tastes weird. No lie. I had one person in 6 years tell me correctly which was goat milk.

I might have to look into why my cute little goaties have such a bad rap and let y'all know what I find.


Pam said...

I've always been curious about goat meat. I think I would probably have a cringe or two also!
I'm glad it's good!

Shanster said...

Yes - it's taken 6 years to reach this point... still trying to wrap my mind around it even tho' I would never fault anyone else for raising their own food.

It's really different I think when you've grown up in suburbia and always bought your food from a store vs. raising your own on a farm or ranch!

Kelley said...

I'm glad your meat was good!! Whew!!!

I think you feed your goats really well, because I like your goat milk.. and I have NOT LIKED goat milk in the past. Your goat milk doesn't have that musky smell either. So either it is your breed of goats, or the feed... or both... but it's good. I'm glad it carries over to the meat as well. Young meat is always the better choice as well!!