Friday, February 20, 2009

Feeding program

We got our hay results. Our vet sent them to a nutritionist she was working with and we got a big thumbs up for feeding great quality hay - both the alfalfa and the grass/alfalfa mix were deemed excellent sources of nutrition. That is great, but Sera's two tying up incidents still remain a mystery.

I answered a few more questions about when exactly she ties up... is it before I exercise her? During? After?

I also e-mailed a vet at University of Minnesota who specializes in tying up incidents but I haven't received a response. He could be travelling or maybe he gets 100's of e-mails a day and it takes him a while to slog through them all? Who knows.

So far, Sera is going strong and hasn't tied up again. I'm riding her as if it isn't going to happen again because what else can I do? She is healthy as a *cough* horse. It's going on two months since it happened last, but she waited two months between incidents last time. I guess I'm not holding my breath that it won't happen again but I remain hopeful.

Spot, one of our dairy does, is HUGE. Almost as wide as she is long. She isn't due until April 1 and we wonder how many babies she has cookin' in her baby basket?! Ring Around the Rosie is due April 17 with her first kids. She doesn't even look pregnant! Slim and trim - tho' she hasn't come back into heat so she must be... right? Maybe Spot's tummy muscles are stretched and flabby from having kids and since Rosie is young, her muscles are tone and tight? Makes sense to me!

I get to pick up my car today! Yee hooooo! Tho' it's awful "sterile" looking. My old car is covered in stickers showing my quirky personality. I found this site... Car Tatts.... check it out dawg! I'm trying to talk Furry Husband into putting black polka dots all over the new car. How fun would that be?!

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