Friday, February 13, 2009

I almost forgot!

Don't forget to count the birds!! Remember my post back in November - here? The Great Backyard Bird Count is today through Monday!!! Go here for information on how to do it. Don't worry, they have ID pictures and all the information you could want on birds and how to participate.

The GBBC helps scientists see how birds are wintering this year. Bird populations are forever changing, and this helps those scientists see movement patterns of birds, how the birds are responding to environmental changes, how different bird populations grow or decrease and if their range is expanding or shrinking.

Help a scientist out this weekend - it's Valentimes - give them a little love. They are usually all locked away in a lab and don't get much love. Look out your window and count 'dem birdies! It's easy! You can count can't you?

What a great activity for all you "lovebirds" on Valentimes Day or what a fun project to do with your children!

Submit your bird count here:

Have fun counting the birds!


Dedene said...

I'd love to participate, but it looks like you have to be in the US or Canada to count the birds. Well, I count ours here just for fun.
Happy Valentine's.

Shanster said...

I'd love to know what birds you have visit you this weekend and how many you get!

I'm sure you have different species than we do - I'm sorry you can't play on the "offical" GBBC site.

I'll be looking forward to your count on Monday tho!