Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday news

I have lots of trivial news for you today!

First of all, I went to get Furry Husband a little Valentimes gift (yes, ValentiMes not Valentines) yesterday over lunch and I found THIS! I am just not very much of a dress person. I think my body looks much better in things that can bi-sect it.... pants or skirts with tops.

Lookee! Busy dots hide flab, the 3/4 length sleeves hide that unattractive kindergarten teacher underarm wiggle, the v-neck draws attention up to my better features (my rack and my animated chipmunk face) vs. down around my "problem areas". And now I have ONE dress in my closet!

Also - how many animals can you see in this picture?

Bequia by the bathroom, Booker where he normally is - with his nose up my ass and part of Itty Bitty Opal Kitty near my foot...

I finally, finally, finally reached the woman in charge of volunteers for Friday and Saturday at the Plum Creek Dog Show. I am assigned to ring 14 from 8 - 11:30am. I'm working with judge Eugene Blake... and the woman asks if I've stewarded before. I told her I have stewarded obedience but not conformation, tho' I have shown conformation. She says she'll find someone experienced to work inside the ring and I will be assigned to outside. She goes on to say the judge is very particular and likes his ring to run the way HE likes it and doesn't tolerate much else. Awesome. (eyes rolling to the back o' my skull)

Gonna be an early morning for me and Kylee... I plan on leaving at 6 or 6:15am because parking is confusing and you NEVER know where the ring is in relation to the map. There are a ga-zillion dogs and people getting ready to show and I want to be there in plenty o' time for ol' Eugene. No reason to start off on a bad foot and hold up the ring. That would be really, really bad.

I looked up the Judging Program and we will be stewarding for the smooth coated Chihuahuas, Italian Greyhounds, long coated Chihuahuas, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Havanese and Chinese Cresteds. Should be fun. It's a whole group of dogs I'm not very familiar with and it'll be fun to see how the handlers primp their dogs for the ring. There are 21 chihuahas in each group and 21 Cavaliers. Big classes!

I hope Kylee has some fun and isn't bored out of her ever lovin' mind. The people and dog watching should be most excellent... if you haven't watched that movie Best in Show - you should rent it tonight! Hilarious and we found it to be pretty accurate of the personalities you can find in the dog show world.

Now - on to the next bit o' news from my world. You know how I have this sort of funny, irrational fear that in the night some predator will come and kill one of our animals? It doesn't have to be as big as a Mountain Lion... I also fear that foxes or coyotes will come and we will have forgotten one of our kitties outside. I will wake up at night thinking I heard something and I listen as hard as I can with my heart pounding against my rib cage - pitter pat.

That happened last night. I heard what I thought was a cat screaming. I am on instant alert. My heart thumping wildly. I am listening hard to see if I should leap out of bed and... and do what? Wrassle a coyote?

There it is again! A screaming sound! Oh my God!

Wait a minute... that sound isn't coming from outside.... Oh. Well, geez. It's Furry Husband's NOSE whistling!

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