Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Westminster Dog Show

I forgot opening night was last night! We DVR it of course. (hello? animal dork alert!)
They had the herding, hound, terrier and non-sporting groups last night.

I know y'all are dying to know who won. First, here is some dog show lingo.
The Ch. in front of the name mean Champion. Champions have earned 15 points and 2 majors at different dog shows under different judges. You are only awarded points when you win first place. You get more points the more dogs you show against. Only champions are invited to Westminster.
A major is a show you've won against X number of dogs, dictated by the AKC. There are different numbers in a major according to the breed. There are A LOT of labs out there so a major for them probably includes a pretty large number of dogs you have to beat. There aren't as many Gordon Setters so if I remember correctly, when I was showing Booker, a major was 4 dogs? I had to beat 4 dogs at a show to win a major. For a dog to be a champion, they have to have 2 majors within those 15 points.
The next word is usually the kennel the dogs came from - the people who bred the dog. So if you see a dog you like, you can track down the kennel who bred the dog and inquire about further breedings or puppies or whatever. Then comes their kennel name or their AKC registered name. Usually all dogs have a "call name" which is not on their registration papers but what their family calls them... like Fluffy or Spot or Fido.

The Scottish Deer Hound , Ch. Gayleward's Tiger Woods, took first in hounds (all pictures courtesy of the AKC website)
The Scottish Terrier , Ch. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot, took it in terriers --- I think former President Bush has one of these named Barney and it bites! Not that the Westminster winner bites... and heeeeyyyy is Scotland in on some dog show conspiracy???The Standard Poodle , Ch. Randenn Tristar Affirmation, won the non-sporting groupand the Puli , Ch. Cordmaker Field of Dreams, won the herding group.

Tonight the toy, sporting and working groups will compete. Furry Husband and I watch and we tease each other...
"Hey! What about that dog? Do you like that one?"
"Eww - I would NEVER have a dog like that!"
"Well, I'm gonna find a breeder and come home with SIX of that kind of dog tomorrow!"
Once we went to a neighbor's house around Westminster Dog Show time. We were telling her about the show and the commentators and how funny it can be. I said something about "the little captain" - which is what the commentators always, always, always talk about when the Schipperke is shown. Tho' I must have forgotten to preface my little captain comment with the dog breed.
Our neighbor raised her eye brows, blushed and nervously tried to change the subject.... she thought I was talking about Furry Husband's thang!
We laughed and rushed to tell her - no, no, no - not Furry Husband's "little captain", the Schipperke! It's a breed in the dog show! It's name means " the little captain"!!

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