Monday, April 30, 2012

New things...

Man oh man do I have a lot of new things going on!

First of all, Rosso is on a 30 day trial with a woman here who had an OTTB from age 3 until she lost him to colic at age 12.  I met her and she would be an excellent home for Rosso.

So far, so good. 

Rosso has been well mannered and she even took him out the other night in 35mph winds "just to see what he'd do". 


Much braver soul than I.  She said he gives her reason to smile every time she rides him.  Which is AWESOME and that gives ME a reason to smile.

Told Furry Husband, I would ride Sera in 35mph winds without a thought... so it really is that Rosso and I's personalities just don't jive. 

If you could all keep your fingers and toes crossed that he keeps making this woman smile... I would love for her to have a horse heal up that empty spot we all have in our hearts when we lose a loved animal.  And I would love for Rosso to have his own human to work for and enjoy and be enjoyed.

Once I knew this woman would be taking Rosso for a 30 day trial, I called this well respected, been here forever, has a good following horse vet.  I called and told him I was looking for an old, doesn't have to be 100% sound, has to be SAFE for kids or husbands kind of horse.  A horse that would not be used regularly - would be more of a pet - with occasional kids riding him and occasional trail rides etc. 

I would love to have a horse I could put my niece up on or that my friends who now have children could put their kids up on... that I could go on a trail ride with someone else or even just have someone over and put them up on said horse, without worrying about them coming off and we could just dink around riding together.

This vet didn't know of any horses like that, he gave me the name of a dude string that sells in the fall that he has had excellent luck with and bought a horse like that for his wee son.  Said he'd keep his eyes open.

Well, as luck would have it, the vet called me back that same day asking if he could give my number to a woman who has, and I quote, "just a very, very cool old horse".    If this vet says the horse is a very, very cool horse?  The horse is.

This woman was looking for a retirement situation for this horse to make room for another riding prospect.  He's a 15.3hh, 20-something QH, retired sheriff posse horse, extensively trail ridden, enough arthritis in his front fetlocks that he can't hold up to regular use, however, light riding would be good for him and would loosen up his arthritis.  He doesn't have a buck or a kick in him and they aren't interested in selling him but I could have him for $1/mo. lease.  If it doesn't work out for me, he goes right back to them and vice versa. 

I brought Mack home 1 day after Rosso was picked up.  Poor little old dude was pretty freaked out.  Change is hard when you are old and set in your ways.  He is settling in nicely and I'm tickled to have a wise old-ster around.  I didn't realize how much I missed having one of those old gems around our place since Brandon died. 

Keep your fingers crossed for the horse gods to be smiling down upon all our horse situations!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Washington DC

Had to spend some time at our Nation's capitol.   Shew.  BIG city.  Makes Denver look like a small cow town.  Which I suppose it is....moo.

Had a funny story from a morning I was there -

Stopped at a place to get some eggs one morning – it was cheaper than The Corner Bakery or Au Bon Pain… there were two women inside, one waiting for food ... the other sitting at the counter eating a breakfast sammich.

The one waiting for food was mad about a co-worker and talking very loudly… was calling her a “muther fu*&#ing rat tooth muther fu*&er”

Alrighty then.  Turns out I didn’t need much coffee that morning, eye opening enough at 7am.  Grin.

I bought a sea salt caramel at a place called Chop’t - it's a salad place at lunch.  Good thing I only bought one.  Those things are like crack and I turned into a sea salt caramel crack whore.   I wanted 20 or 30 of those rat tooth muther f*&ing candies…. didn’t have time, had to get back to class cuz my lunch break was over.

Furry Husband was struggling with first milker goat teats while I was away.  They are very tiny, teensy, small in his big man hands and the goats were objecting … lots of kicked over buckets.  Poor Furry Husband.  Good thing goats don’t speak… they are learned lots of good cuss words last week… maybe as much as me!