Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glove compartments

What do you store in your glovebox?

Furry Husband helped me clear out my old car last night. I have 3,417 napkins from a dozen years of hoarding napkins in my glove box. I'm always afraid I'm going to be on some roadtrip or adventure (like some goat, horse or dog function) and I'll have to pee and there will be no bathrooms and I'll have to pop a squat in some bushes with no toilet paper. I hate having to drip dry.

I had hundreds of those individually wrapped toothpicks. ?? I don't use toothpicks. I never have used toothpicks. Furry Husband doesn't use toothpicks. I have no memory whatsoever of wanting or needing toothpicks.

I have a tire pressure gauge. (like I ever check my tire pressure... right.)

I have a small flashlight. (I bet the batteries are dead and if I ever need it, it's not gonna work)

I found 10 pens and a black Sharpie marker. I definately don't need 10 pens. I kept a couple... y'know ... just in case you go somewhere and need to leave a note. Kilroy was here. The Sharpie would be good for that.

I had one Kentucky Fried Chicken wetnap. That thing was o-l-d, old. It was all dried out when I opened it. Wonder what the expiration date is on those things?
I have a Colorado map and a Nebraska map...

I have all the owner manuals, car dealer ppwk, waranties - all that boring stuff.

I had a Dairy Queen Blizzard punch card from a Dairy Queen location that doesn't exist anymore. With 8 Blizzard purchases, you got a free one. It only had 2 punches on it. What does that mean? Does it reveal that I have trouble finishing what I start?

I have a lot o' paper wrapped straws, and there is a story behind those. When I have a coke at a restaurant, I like to drink it with a straw. I remember several years ago, Furry Husband took me to lunch and the restaurant was OUT of straws. Seriously - wtf? What sort of restaurant runs out of straws?

I guess I can be a little --- how shall I put this? ---- single track minded? ----- obsessive?---- curiously strong willed about random things?

I didn't want to drink my coke from the glass. I wanted a straw! Furry Husband actually left the restaurant and went to a fast food joint to get some straws so I could enjoy my dining experience. See? Now THAT is the difference between a boyfriend who will just roll his eyes at you and the love of your life - your husband - who wants to make you happy!

heh - and I say I'm not high maintenance... well, not typically.... but seriously, what restaurant runs out of STRAWS??
Now I have the rest of that handfull of straws in my glovebox so I'll never, ever have to run into that horrible situation ever again! (Think Scarlett O'Hara and her vow to never go hungry again.... that is how I feel about straws)

I have an autographed postcard from the Avalanche player Uwe Krupp. I got it shortly after he scored the winning goal for the Av's when they won the Stanley cup. I worked at Evergreen Nursery around that time. I was the tree and shrub gal. This woman - a co-worker- had a landscape consultation at his house.
She knew I was a fan and without me asking, knowing she was at his house or that she met him, she brought me this Uwe Krupp player postcard with his signature addressing ME! "Shanster, all the best - Uwe Krupp" How cool was that of her? I remember going to her place after work a couple times and hanging out, but we were never all that close. ? I guess sometimes people are cool and just do nice things.


Tracy said...

Hey, I'm a high maintenance kind of gal too! at least we both have good hubbies:)

I am hysterical hearing your list of stuff in the old car. Sounds suspiciously similar to mine, the only different being that my children are the ones who leave their crap in the car, so there are a lot of pencils, erasers and melted crayons (in the summer).

Shanster said...

Crayons and summer? Sounds like the makin's of a really, really bad Scarlett O'Hara moment! funny!