Friday, February 27, 2009

Stuff to get done

'Member how I told you going on vacation next week was off my radar? Well it's on my radar now and I'm barely able to sit still! I'm getting out of work early today so I can tie up loose ends at home and get ready for travelling.

Once I'm actually gone I'm fine. Once I'm out the door and on the road, I am confident all will be well at our place. Our pet sitter is very competent, we have lists of numbers and veterinarians and people that would help out if need be.

It's the PREPARING to leave before a trip that gets to me. All of a sudden I look at all the animals like it's the last time I will ever see them. I see all the things I've been putting off and suddenly I want to get everything completed RIGHT NOW. The house has to be cleaned and laundry washed and the animal pens spotless with clean and full water tanks.

I worry that my big, goofy dog Booker will be too obnoxious. A lot of people already don't like him. He is really happy. He isn't a spastic dog that jumps up and down or clambers all over you slobbering and licking but he won't let you ignore him either. He is a Gordon Setter and they use their noses to flush out or find game. He has a really, really good sniffer. He sniffs you a lot - touches you with his nose. He doesn't jump on you but he likes to be right there next to you.

He really likes attention. He's really happy. His attitude when people come to our house is more along the lines of, "Oh, you are here to see ME?! Yes. Yes you are and I'm so happy that you are here to see ME! Simply pleased as punch!"

He's tall - tall enough that his nose is right at crotch level and he likes to stick his nose between my legs for a major ear skritchin' and neck rubbin'. It's not that he is sniffing my crotch or that I'm getting some perverse sexual thrill... he just likes to bury his nose on some part of you. If I'm sitting down, he'll bury his nose in between my ribs and my arm or into my soft belly... just happens that when I'm standin', my legs are the best thing to stick his nose into.

Most people aren't gonna let this big ol' dawg stuff his nose in betwixt their legs and into their nether regions. Booker doesn't get this. Nope. Doesn't get this at all. He thinks he is the mayor and everyone should love him. He thinks everyone is there to see HIM. Everyone would love to have his nose in between their legs so they can skritch him and love him.

So he will nose bump you and he will let out a series of 'rrroooooooooo, rrrroooooooooo, rrroooooooooo!' As if he's sayin - hey - you! I'm talkin' to YOU. Hey - give me a little love. Hey - hey. You. Why won't you just skritch my ears? Just a little skritch? Hey - buddy - give me some neck rubs. Just touch my neck - c'mon man... where is the LOVE here?!

And when that doesn't work, and whomever he is trying to win affection/attention from keeps ignoring him, he will jump up in the air and give them a push with his paws - it's not a typical dog standing on it's hind legs leaning on you with it's front legs... it's a full on up in the air - no contact - shove you with my paws to get your attention - resume no bodily contact and land on the ground. "HEY! I'M RIGHT HERE! CAN'T YOU SEE ME!?"

He doesn't do that to me or Furry Husband cuz we tell him to knock it off and we make him lay down and chill out. New people tho? Yeah. They don't know that it's only gonna keep escalating until they either give him a correction and make him lay down or they pay attention to him and give him a whole lotta love.

He is noisy - his tail is always wagging and it's a long, strong tail. CLANG, CLANG, CLANG into the washing machine, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM into the cupboards as he stands there happily looking at you roo, rooing. He shuffles his feet and it sounds like there is an old man in slippers wandering around the house...

I look at him as I'm getting ready to leave and I know he will be ignored and disliked for all his insistant happiness and loudness. And I feel sorry for him.... it's gonna be a long week for him without the love and skritchin' and affection he is used to from his Mama. And boy oh boy is he a Mama's boy. Mama's boy for sure!! Ignore the ugly blanket and our old couch... see how cute and cuddly my big ol' Booker dawg is? He LOVES his Mama!

I know, I know. I am assigning human emotions to a DOG. I know. Anthropomorphism at it's finest. Dogs don't feel sorry for themselves. Booker doesn't feel sorry for himself. He's got me feeling sorry enough FOR him!

He will be fed and he'll have clean water and someone to let him in and out of the house and plenty of outside time - not like he is gonna be abused or anything. Far from it actually.

It's just one of my little "going on a trip and I'm leaving home" neuroses.

I have several.

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