Saturday, September 8, 2012

The nose knows!

Took a break and took Toe on a walk around our buildings (Saturdays I can park in the shade with my windows down so Toe gets to come with me to work and hang out in his car kennel) ... there are these wide gutters along some curbs and he is always so interested in them...

Today after investigating the gutters, there was a wild animal poop on the sidewalk that he investigated a long time... then he sniffed all along the building - up against it... to this employee area with picnic tables where some wild thing had raided the trash... my guess would be racoons.

It was just cool to watch his nose work, watch him investigate... track...back track... and then come upon this scene of trash and I could just imagine fat racoons emerging from the gutter... slinking along the buildings in the shadows and raiding the garbage.

Dogs is so cool.

Just had to share... for some reason it just tickled me today... tho' he is always sniffing... today I felt I could follow along with the story he was "reading".  grin.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Gas-O-line yeah

My sister visited yesterday and not being aware, left our front gate open through which Toe made his escape to finally find and take care of that damn rabbit that has been in our driveway driving him over the wall insane.

I went running after Toe... he was at the neighbor's house.  The neighbor to the East of us... the family that is ... hmmm.  How do you say?  Harmless, nice enough and yet so incredibly annoying and not really very smaht.   No.   Not smaht at all.

IE:  Took a couple years for them to build a "yard" for the dogs... in those years dogs either got hit by cars or were picked up by the humane society and it was easier for them to leave the dog at the humane society vs. paying the fine.  

Shooting guns for the fun of it, but shot toward Mrs. Kravitz's house and there is buckshot in her exterior house walls.

Keeping horses in a pasture that has t-posts, sagging, mish-mosh of "fencing" made of wire, baling twine, barb wire - so low in spots I could easily step over it so the horses got out and ran around the neighborhood regularly til he took them to the sale barn.

Now his daughter, son-in-law and their children have moved in... I come home to naked boys (5-7 or 8?) running around outside in the summer.  Nice. 

Couple of winters ago, one of the said boys from above was small - 2ish?  And the wee boy was outside with only a diaper on and it was mid-30s... maybe low 40s.  Not freezing but not weather you want a naked 2yr old in.  Anyway, he made his way down the pasture and to Mrs. Kravitz's house (a long trek for a 2yr old)... they found him, scooped him up and took him back to dumb ass (oh, did I say dumb ass?  Sorry about that.  I meant neighbor...)  The response?  "Oh, he does that all the time!"

Now that you have a somewhat pix of these neighbors... that is where Toe had gone.  I walk over, see Toe.  He is in the back part of their house where the dilapidated garage is, driveway with large dirt parking area.  The 2 little boys are sitting on the ground, playing in the dirt... there are a couple metal mixing bowls, rusted pans and an aluminum paint tray for roller brushes...

Toe sees me and comes over... they are yelling at him and shooing him away.  I pick him up and say "Whoops, we had an escapee - sorry about that!" 

Their response?

"Oh, we just didn't want him to get near those bowls and stuff.  The boys thought it'd be fun to fill them with white gasoline."

Alrighty then.

You have fun playing with your gasoline and your kids under the age of 10.

Good grief.  What is it that Ron White says?   You can't fix stupid.   He is 100% dead on with that statement. 

Happy Labor Day everyone!