Friday, February 27, 2009

Gaak! Bridesmaid dress alert!

A friend of mine is getting married this summer. She is currently teaching with her fiance' in Italy and she sent an e-mail with a link to a bridesmaid dress she's thinking of. She wanted someone in the wedding party to try it on to see what it'd look like on a human body.

I drug Furry Husband along to take pix. Great googly moogly there was a lot of estrogen in that bridal store. I've never seen so many wedding dresses. It was making MY palms sweat and I'm not getting married!

When we were married, I picked my dress off the clearance rack at Lord & Taylor for $80. It didn't really have anything to do with money, tho' the cheap ass part of me was screaming - SCORE! - it's the dress I really liked after looking for awhile. It was light blue satin with spaghetti straps fitted thru the waist with a full skirt and it had a micro lace sheath covered with little light blue polka dots... definitely non traditional.
I didn't have bridesmaids or a maid of honor really. We got married at an open space park up in Pine Colorado... you crossed this beautiful little bridge over a mountain river and walked up this path flanked by gorgeous Colorado native landscaping to this little white gazebo. The day of our wedding there was a grade school field trip so you heard the river and the laughter of children the whole time we were there. It was really beautiful.

It cost us $20 and we invited 25 people. Furry Husband wore a suit. We started the ceremony at 12:20 because that's the time they throw the first pitch at Wrigley Field. Furry Husband is a die hard Cubs fan... poor guy. The man we hired to marry us - ordained thru the back of a Rolling Stone magazine if I remember correctly? - threw a baseball and shouted, "Let's play ball!". I think the actual ceremony lasted 15 minutes? And after pictures, we all drove to the Buck Snort Bar and Saloon for the reception, where we ordered off the menu and had a really, really great time.

We had a more formal reception at the Wynkoop Brewpub the next day (where Furry Husband and I met) with a wedding cake, some food and all the Wynkoop micro-brew beer you could drink.

I've never experienced wedding stuff at this magnitude. It was sorta freakin' me out. Furry Husband whispered, "I feel uncomfortable." Yeah - tell me about it!

We got the dress my friend is thinking about, I tried it on, Furry Husband took pictures and I e-mailed them off. It's not the color she wants, but at least she gets to see what it looks like on a live body. I'm definitely not 20 anymore. Try almost 40 and packin' 20 extra pounds. And why is my head so small?! Looks like a grape sittin' atop a watermelon...


Dedene said...

You are so cute! The dress looks great on you. No kidding! Loved the story about your wedding. Sounded like lots of fun.

Shanster said...

I'll have to post pix of it sometime! Thanks cuz I feel really out of my element here!