Thursday, February 12, 2009

And the winner is....

Plopped my butt down last night and watched the closing night of the Westminster Dog Show. So much for no wine during the week. Furry Husband had 6-7 open bottles from tasting with customers for new placings in stores. They NEEDED to be poured into glasses and consumed before going "bad". tsk, tsk. Woulda been a shame to pour it all down the drain vs. our throats!

Back to Westminster...

Winner of the sporting group was a Sussex Spaniel named Ch. Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee.

The sporting group placed the Giant Schnauzer, Ch. Galilee's Pure of Spirit first.

And last but not least is the toy group winner, a Brussels Griffon named Ch. Cilleine Masquerade.

After the winners are chosen, all 7 from their respective groups go into a ring with a judge that has been sequestered. The judge hasn't heard about or seen which dogs he or she will be judging for Best in Show.

The dog that won was... drum roll please.... THE SUSSEX SPANIEL! I was pulling for the Puli from the herding group... I liked the spring in his step.

It's a first for the Sussex breed to take a Best in Show at Westminster and I like to see new breeds take the win. They say the dog is 10 years old and he almost died in 2004?! Good god. Retire that dog already! He's ancient! His call name is Stump - that's pretty funny. Way to go Stump!

And that my friends is Westminster.

This weekend is the Plum Creek Dog Show in Denver. It's the biggest dog show in Colorado and oft times winners from Westminster are there. It runs Friday through Monday.

I'm headed down there on Saturday with Kylee. We are volunteering to Steward a ring. Stewarding involves checking people in and handing out armbands, keeping the judges comfortable, handing out ribbons... that sort of thing. It will count toward the volunteer requirement that Partners Mentoring Youth requires and it will be lots more fun than picking up cans on the side of the highway or something....

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