Tuesday, February 24, 2009


What happened?! My blog was all blank this morning. Everything was there last night...??

I went out to my "edit posts" opened up my latest one, hit "publish" and voila! Everything reappeared before my very eyes. If you were trying to see and there was nothing there - sorry 'bout that. Should be fixed now. I have no idea what happened?

I get to pick up my saddle tonight or tomorrow! I took it in to have it reflocked. All the padding underneath the saddle was squooshed flat... Happy Horse Tack Shop has all the tracings and measurements from Sera's back when they did the saddle fitting so they will reflock it according to her measurements. Sounds like a bra fitting!

And next week we venture into Mexico! I keep forgetting... it's just with work and stuff and it was a last minute trip and I don't know but it keeps falling off my radar. And then I remember and it will be nice to get away for a week! I hope it's sunny and I hope I see lots o' grey whales...

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