Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wow - busy weekend!

Saturday was LOOOOONG. I picked Kylee up around 6 in the morning and sure enough when I got up that morning, there was fresh snow on the ground. We left later than I wanted and I was sorta freaking out that we'd be late... I had to drive slower due to the snow, ice and fog but we made it in the nick of time.

There was another steward assigned with us to work inside the ring. She kept the order of go for the exhibitors/dogs in the right order, would call the next class in and lay out the appropriate ribbons for the judge. Kylee and I checked people in and handed out armbands. I think she was sorta bored, but there was a lot to watch with all the different dogs and people AND it counted as our volunteer activity for the Partners program.

After our shift, we dropped off the judge's results for our ring at the Superintendent's Office and picked up our lunch tickets.... only there were no lunch tickets. Someone walked us over to the lunch room, told the woman out front to let us in because we worked Ring 14 and she left.

The woman working the lunchroom door gave me the evil eye and looked at Kylee. "She is eating too?"


"Did she work?"

"Yes. She handed out arm bands."

OMG - I drove 2 hrs down here in snow and ice, Kylee is 10 and very skinny - how much could she possibly eat? We volunteered 4 hrs of our time to help out at this show - let me the f* in there! I'm hungry and lady, trust me, you don't wanna get between me and a Ritz cracker.

The lunchroom bouncer let us in - she must've recognized the look in my eye. After lunch Kylee and I walked all over looking at dogs, petting dogs and talking about dogs. It was pretty fun and on the way home we were both too pooped to play games...

Sunday I rode my nice red mare. We are working to get her using her back and topline. She would much rather look pretty than really use her body. Ann rode my young gelding, Rosso and did well. After riding, Furry Husband helped me clean the barn. He is so awesome. When I do it alone it takes about 2 hrs and when he helps, we knock it out in 45 minutes! After, Furry Husband and I ran into town for errands. We stopped at Rio for a late lunch/early dinner and boy did that margarita taste GOOD!

I didn't have any cool birds visit me this weekend but I logged in some blue jays, a western scrub jay, cassian finches, house finches, goldfinches, red-wing blackbirds, Eurasian collared doves, juncos, pine siskins, house sparrows and I think I had a few song sparrows. Did anyone have any interesting birds visit?

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