Monday, February 9, 2009


Have any of you played with a Wii yet? Fun to say eh? As in: "I touched her Wii" or "Do you like my Wii?" I know. I'm infantile.

I went to my girlfriend, Sally's house... of Harry and Sally who went to Napa/Sonoma with us?

It was really fun! I think I like boxing the best - it was like being in a slap fight with Laverne and Shirley! We created Furry Husband's and my avitars and they are US! Sally says now that we will appear as people in the crowd for other people's Wii... AWESOME!

I had a good time girltalkin' before the men-folk came home. Furry Husband was in a disc golf tournament benefit for The Food Bank. He raised $1250.00 and his disc golf club as a whole raised $14,000! How cool is that?

I had lots of horseback time this weekend which was good for my soul and we got our taxes done so yeah, good, good weekend!

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