Monday, February 23, 2009

Polka dots...

I e-mailed Car and asked about polka dots. Did they per chance have pictures of any cars they may have polka-dotted? Of course not! I could be one of the only people to WANT a polka-dotted car.

They said they could make some bigger dots for me - 4.5" in diameter. I ordered them today. I mean, I can take them off if I don't like them - no harm, no foul. Poor Furry Husband. What must it be like to wake up to me every day? snicker

He called me from Denver after a work meeting during lunch with his buds, Al and Chris. I asked Chris if my polka-dots were simply a pathetic attempt to hold onto my youth - he laughed and said YES! YES! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!


I'm gonna do it anyway. You only go 'round this world once and I might as well live large in my polka-dot car.

I talked to Furry Husband's mom last night. She said she was tired of her red car. She's had it so long that she's tired of the color. I told her about the polka-dots and that I'd send her some so she wouldn't have a plain red car anymore. I've never seen an eighty-something year old woman back pedal so fast!

She was looking for the 100th year special edition of the Anne of Green Gables book and said the woman at the bookstore couldn't locate it. She asked if maybe I could find the ISBN number on the internet and send it to her.

I can do better than that! I found it and it will be shipped out to her tomorrow along with some Anne of Green Gables celebratory complilation including original illustrations from the series, popular recipies and gardening tips from 100 yrs ago, author biography, synopsis of the series etc.

Nice to be able to do something for someone who can appreciate it. I can't really do anything for Dad - he can't read anymore or figure out electronics - so a book on tape would really send him reeling as would a DVD or an iPod or any other every day thing you and I wouldn't think twice about.


Kelley said...

What color poka dots??? I can't wait to see it!!! : )

That is super cool about your mother in law... I love when I can send something to someone I KNOW wants it and it will make their day!!!

Shanster said...

Black... it's gonna be all black and white baby! I really liked the idea of multi-color, but I don't want families pulling me over and asking if I could entertain at their next child's birthday party by making balloon animals or whatever.

I mean - I gots to have SOME standards right?

yeah- I know those books will totally make her day!!

Jeff said...

So did you ever do the dots? Let's see pics!

Shanster said...

I did, I did do the polka dots! Look under March and "I warned you..." I also posted a link in today's post for you.


Jeff said...

nice - maybe I can get zebra stripes? ;-)