Tuesday, March 8, 2016


So tired today.  Played too hard this weekend...

I went cross country skiing for about 2 hrs Saturday morning.  I haven't been since I was 16 or 17 and lived in Brook Forest up in BFE Evergreen, CO with my Mom and Stepdad.  We used to ski behind our house in the National Forest. 

It was scary to have skis on my feet again!  Know my muscles were super tense and I was working way too hard... started to get the feel and relax and had fun.  A lot of work tho... my clothes were soaked with sweat after. 

And Sunday went downhill skiing... have not done that since I was maybe 26?  20 years.  Again... scared to have skis on my feet... a different kind of ski... used the very wee baby hill a few times to get used to things.  Man... I wasn't even sure how to turn on those things my first run... and then the 2nd run my body just remembered.  How cool is that?  How your body holds on to things like that... went down a couple more times and then went up the lift.  Stayed on the green runs... felt overwhelmed a couple times and tired muscles but overall very very fun. 

Also learning telemark skiing.  Was 'kindof' getting it... and had to stop to go hike up this hill a few miles to get to a yurt where they served lunch.  WAY COOL. 

But man... I am TIRED today.  And was tired yesterday...

Thank goodness this week is de-load week for gym workouts.... need the extra stretching, activation and slow/quiet movement.

Sort of looking forward to daylight savings this weekend.  NOT looking forward to getting up earlier with the time change... however, looking forward to more light at the end of my day.  Really hoping to get in more horse time... devote a day or two in the week to Sera just like I would any other class or obligation.  Trying to get my motivation back...find something that clicks... make some other horse friends... messing around with a Western saddle and riding... maybe fiddle around with a rope... the next Annie Oakley most certainly not... but maybe tow some things behind and invite my nieces and nephews up next winter for some horse pulled sledding... I don't know. 

Floundering in this realm right now.