Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mom said...

Today Sera was major bitch queen in our lesson today. She has moods. And I can say she isn't normally this way.

Anyway, she needs to use her back more and bring her hind legs more under herself so she CAN use her back more. When I asked her to do this with my leg she gave me a big ol' F-you and ignored my request. As an enforcement of my leg, I carry a whip. I "tickled" her with it... Sera is not a horse you whack with the whip, unless you feel like working through WWIII... so I lightly touch her with it as a reminder/enforcer. That is normally enough and she will give up and comply. Today, she gave me an even bigger F-YOU! Sigh. And because I can't let her get away with that attitude and reaction, we work and work and work until we get some submission or some try from her. We did... eventually.

And now she is in the pasture peeing and squeaking and putting her butt in baby brother Rosso's face. She must be in heat. And there is my reason why she was such a bitch today! At least there is a reason!

Kylee came over and hung with me for a while this afternoon. When I took her home, her Mom gave me a baggie of cookies ... this is what they look liked... Mom said! What a riot!

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