Friday, January 23, 2009

Soul Street Dance Co.

Last night Kylee's Mom dropped her off at my office cuz I had FREE tix thru the mentoring program for the above performance. We went back to our place, she helps us with chores and I showed her "goat frolicking". The goats have been sorely neglected on that aspect cuz it's been too cold or too dark or too windy for me to "goat frolick" with them.

I run around waving my arms in the air, yelling in a squeeley high pitched voice - "GOATIE GOATIE GOATIE GOATIE!" And I'll duck down behind one of their houses or behind the spools they have in there to climb on... and I pop out and run all around. The goats actually LOVE this. Well. I think they love it. Their little eyes get all buggy and they all begin running and leaping and racing around. When I'm hiding, you can see them craning their necks looking for me.... anyway, it's really funny.

Sometimes tho' I tell people about this "goat frolicking" - build it up you know? They are really interested to see what this is all about and come over to our house. I'll go in the goat pen to play and show this person what "goat frolicking" is all about. Drum roll please.

And this is usually when the goats all decide to stand very still and very stoic. They watch me with very disdainful looks on their little goat faces. They look at me like I'm insane while I run around like a fool waving my arms, yelling at them and popping up and down behind stuff. I come out of the pen a bit embarrassed and completely out of breath. The people watching me are doubled over with laughter... "right Shanster! Sure the goats 'play' with you! Show me again!"

The goats were all in good humor last night tho' and showed Kylee all the fun they can be. She stood in one spot laughing at me and the goats... I was hoping she'd join in. She's pretty reserved tho'. Maybe next time she'll play a little with the goaties...

We had dinner and left for the show. Furry Husband and I teased Kylee that SHE was gonna be the show. She was gonna have to get on stage and dance with no music... we had her laughing over that. I think the idea of dancing with no music on a stage by herself...

Anyway - this Soul Street Dance Co. was so COOL! Four guys from Houston, TX and they did some hip hop and break dance stuff... I can't begin to describe it but man... too, too cool!
Check out thier website:

How they can move their bodies the way they do and the mastery of movement... truly amazing to see!

After it was over and I was driving Kylee home, she turns to look at me and says in this really excited voice, "What are we gonna do the NEXT time we see each other?!"

I took her to the Stockshow over the weekend to see this Superdogs show along with all the cows, chickens etc.... and now we were leaving this really cool street dance troupe....

I laughed and told her, "I have NO idea what we'll do next!"

When I got home I told Furry Husband. We were both laughing about how we'll have to drop that bar a bit! I don't have that many more tricks up my sleeve!

The next idea I have is that there is a HU-GONGUS dog show in Feb. in Denver. The Gordon Setter club put out notice they need volunteers to steward some of the rings. I volunteered myself and Kylee to work 1/2 a day.

I tried to explain the dog show to her but I don't think she understands it exactly. I told her there would be agility and flyball and obedience and every type of dog you could ever imagine would be there. I think she is excited about that. And since I volunteered, we'll get FREE lunch and FREE parking. And I am so ALL about the FREE thing.

But after Feb? Dry spell. I'll have to put some thought into what we can do next and make sure I can spread it out over the course of a year!

Anyway - it's Friday, Friday, Friday and I just couldn't leave y'all with that deep and sorta depressing post from yesterday. Tho really, I WAS very happy when I wrote it....

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