Friday, January 30, 2009

Hooray for Dr. Wheeler D.V.M

I stopped by Mountain Vet Supply today to pick up some Banamine. I can only purchase Banamine if my vet writes me out a prescription. If Sera (my mare) ties up again, I'll give her Banamine to decrease pain and swelling. She hasn't tied up again. But that Banamine is really handy to have around.

If there is ever a barnyard animal emergency and you call the vet, the vet always asks, "Do you have Banamine?" They proceed to tell you how much to give and how often to give it until they can get there.

I get nervous when my Banamine supply gets low. Some vets are touchy about letting their clients have it because you really shouldn't use it willy nilly. I don't but I'm sure others do and have.

Dr. Wheeler called in a prescription for me and when I went to pick it up, I noticed the script read 'open til 1/13/2010'... which means I have a steady supply of Banamine for a year. I can go in any time between now and 2010 to buy a tube of Banamine. NICE! Thank-you Dr. Wheeler!

Tho' I say this and in the same breath I hope I don't NEED any more than I have cuz it means something is going wrong!

Did I tell you I'm gonna win $75K? heh. The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News have a "Stimulus Sweepstakes". I fill out an entry form, published each day in the paper, and drop it off at one of many designated locations each day. The more times you enter, the better your chances to win and it's a one entry per person per day thing.... I dunno how long I'll keep it up cuz the contest goes on til March or something. It is sort of annoying but I keep thinking - it wouldn't be annoying for $75K! Can't hurt and it keeps me entertained - y'know thinking 'bout what I'd do with $75K. *insert big cheesy grin.

Speaking of keeping me entertained... I heard part of this radio ad the other day driving home from work. It made me laugh because one guy called another guy 'tater chip. I don't know WHY I found that funny. Maybe I was punchy after a day in the guv'ment trenches? Anyway, now I'm trying to start a new fad. From now on, try calling people random food items. As in, "Oh, hey there brussel sprout! What's new?"

You have to refrain from referring to certain body parts because that's just not nice. Someone could take offense at being called 'cauliflower face' or 'melon butt'. Furry Husband rolls his eyes at me... but c'mon, it's funny! Give it a try banana peel! What are you waiting for cherry tomato?! The best part will be the funny looks you get from people....

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