Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am a big ol' lame-o.

We got up, had our coffee, read the paper and by the time it was 8:00 am it was 8.4 degrees. I called my trainer and cancelled my lesson today ... she said no one else had called to cancel. In fact, Patty, who is due to have her 2nd kid in 3 weeks is even coming out with her horse. ( Rex rides while Patty watches - but still she is getting out and loading up a horse and driving in) I hung up the phone and felt like I should stop being such a pansy ass... I mean I'm nursing a bit of a cold but I bet it's not nearly as inconvenient as having a large belly swollen with child!

I dunno. Every time I look out side... well .... it's snowing and it's 8.4 degrees, I have a sore throat, cough and stuffy nose. Any motivation I may have had is stopped at the kitchen window.

Think Furry Husband and I will go see Gran Torino cuz Furry Husband's first car was a Gran Torino, we'll stop at the store on the way home and call it a day.

shrug. I cleaned the shower/bathtub this morning... that's something productive anyway.


witter said...

large belly swollen with child... such a classic image! love ya Shan! - Kel

Dedene said...

Get well kiddo! Enjoy the movie, I've heard that it's great.

Kelley said...

Keep in mind Shannon.... those pregnant ladies are carrying around a little heater to keep them warm. It may be heavy, but it's also generating a lot of heat (maybe as good as having your own rumen... but not quiet!!). : )

Hope Gran Torino was good!!

Shanster said...

K - I forgot those wee babies produce so much heat!

I'm still drinking my Emergen-C to fight this cold

and Grand Torino was GREAT!!! Wow - who knew that Clint could still pack such a punch?!