Monday, April 20, 2009

Winners and Funny Mrs. Kravitz

Happy MONDAY! (is there ever really such a thing?) I tell you, getting up with the alarm clock on Mondays is so hard for me!!

The following people should let me know what scents they'd like to try:
Sally of Sally and Harry
The Divine Ms. K
Dedene (I'll need your address too, e-mail me - it's in my profile)

I didn't have very many players (choking back a sob) so I'm not sure if I should try again for Rosie's babies? Is anyone game? I think my little blog is too small for a contest! S'allright, it's all good. (sniff)

Now for the funny story. Do you remember Mrs. Kravitz our lovable and wacky neighbor with the binoculars? She really does watch us and then call us to tell us what she sees us doing. It's hilarious. She had a heart of gold and would help anyone out in a pickle. We love her even tho' she watches us with binoculars. Heck, we all have our quirks right?

I don't know if I told you, but I'm also Mrs. Kravitz's goat.

They used to put goats in with high strung race horses to keep them calm. That is where the term "got your goat" came from actually. Someone would steal the race horse's goat, the race horse was a nervous mess without the goat and it would lose the race. Anyway, I am Mrs. Kravitz's goat.

So Mrs. Kravitz calls me yesterday and she is on the verge of tears. She was wrapping one of her horse's legs with polo wraps and the horse brought it's knee up and WHAM - got Mrs. Kravitz right in the kisser. I've had this happen and it hurts like a mofo. I talked to a vet once who was telling me it happened to him when a horse was coming out of anesthesia and he said it about knocked him clean out so yeah, it's painful!

But that is not why she was on the verge of tears.

She told me that she had a really, really important meeting on Saturday - as in 6 days away. There would be cameras and big, important mucky mucks and now she was going to be all bruised and look awful for this meeting!

I told her, she has a week to heal, maybe Misty (the horse) didn't hit her as hard as she thinks and she'll look fine by Saturday.

I think she actually wailed at this point. She told me I didn't understand and by Saturday she'll be all yellow from the bruising! She's had ice on it for 2 hrs and half of her face is completely swollen.

I told her that her face won't still be swollen by Saturday and if it's still bruised on Friday to let me know. I'll call around and find a make-up artist somewhere and we'll get the discoloration covered.

"NO! I don't want to look like Glamor Shots in pancake make-up!"

It won't be like that - I don't mean a full on make-up thing. I mean just to cover your bruising.

"NO! You are going to make me look like Tammy Faye Baker!!" (throw in another sob)

No, no, no. There won't be any heavy make-up. It's only to cover the bruise. I promise! I told her I knew a woman who was an extra on a movie set and she had a tattoo. The movie did not allow tattoos so the make up artist covered it - it was her normal skin color and it looked like she didn't have a tattoo. It was only to cover the tattoo - it wasn't heavy pancake, Glamour Shots, Tammy Faye Baker anything - only to cover the discoloration.

(sniff) "Really? (long pause) I love you so much for this!"

and now I have to get off the computer and on the phone to find a make-up artist. Gulp. There HAS to be one in the city of Ft. Collins right?? Right??? Please let there be a make-up artist in this town....

No one and I mean NO one wants ME to try and cover up any bruising. Then Mrs. Kravitz really will look awful! Wish me luck, I want to be a good goat to my lovable neighbor!


Heather said...

I want to play but I'm just so terrible at coming up with names!!!

For the little doe with stripes-
Chevy, short for Chevron

The buck just looks like Henry to me. I am partial to old man names.

See, not much to work with here.

Shanster said...

ANY name is a good thing! We have a doe named Spot. I don't think THAT is a great name! :) K - I'll put your names down and I'll give the naming contest another go 'round. Thanks for playing!!

And you can submit more than once... just keep 'em coming! I'll post with a deadline later.

Cheryl said...

Oof, poor Mrs Kravits! You're a good sport for putting up with being spied on by her. I think that would get on my nerves.

Good luck finding thee make-up artist and uhappy Monday to you, too!

Shanster said...

Yeah - it IS sorta weird but we've gotten used to it strangely enough! Yes - on to Tuesday! :)

Anonymous said...

WHAT?!?! You mean I'm in the running for best goatie names? Too cool - I never win anything! I'd like to try the Tea for Two, please!

Doing a victory dance,

Kelley said...

Your Mrs. K story cracked me up. Mind you... I was already laughing at the high strung horse/goat annology.... YOU ARE SO HER GOAT!!!!! : ) In fact, she has two if you count Mr. K. She needs a herd of her own. hee!hee!hee! I hope she doesn't get a bruise and you won't have to worry about it. I used to kiss my old QH behind the ear as he was eating grain and I was leaving for the day... and one day someone walked up in front of him as I did it and he Threw up his head and Popped me right in the eye with is poll. I saw stars and was SURE I was going to get a black eye.... how do you explain that?? I was trying to kiss my horse and he gave me a black eye... not a great story. Anyway, no black eye for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Shanster said...

I talked to Mrs. K last night, she said it wasn't as bad as she thought and so I think she'll be fine. Which is a good thing cuz I couldn't find "make-up artist", "comotology" or anything in the yeller pages.

I was gonna call my stylist, SallyAnn and beg for help - figure if she's in the biz, she'd have a go-to person!