Sunday, April 5, 2009

I WAS digging out....

The sun is shining this morning and the wind is down to 15mph. I was trying to clear a path to our front gate so I could get in and out of our place without having to climb the damn thing when my snow shovel broke. Each time I would toss a shovel full of snow, the scoop part went right along with it.

I can open the gate IN wide enough for me to squeeze through but I can't open it the other direction because of the knee deep drift on the other side. At least they are hard and packed from all the wind so I can walk on top without sinking too far....

I was going to start digging at it with my broken shovel but maybe in my old age I'm beginning to recognize futility?

I went out looking for the Sunday paper and the exposed drive-way, free of drifts is a sheet of ice. I went sliding, our little dog, Bequia, went sliding..... nope. Think I'm home bound again today! Good thing I have that quilt to work on.

Furry Husband is supposed to be home around 6 tonight. I hope he makes it AND brings home a new snow shovel!

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