Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bounce and Spring....

Heeeyyy - those could be good goatie names couldn't they?

It is a beautiful day - I think we hit 70 and we had a ton of meltage, most of the snow has disappeared. Only remnants of the biggest drifts are still visible. It's still muddy but much more like spring!

Tomorrow is our annual LADCO water meeting! All the neighbors who share the community well we use for pasture irrigation get together to discuss irrigation schedules, discuss any issues like drought or repairs etc. and when we will meet for ditch day - (a day we gather to clean up the irrigation ditches by burning weed/grass build up in them and we run new irrigation pipe if needed).

It's usually pretty boring and there are a lot of grumpy old men - "why. back in MY day, we worked those ditches for 3 hrs before we went home... you people don't know the meaning of a true ditch day!"

Our favorite neighbors are coming over with beer (which makes the LADCO water meeting much more bearable), Subway sammiches and chips before the meeting. Furry Husband has a wine tasting he has to host so he may not make it to the meeting.... *gasp*

....leaving me to fend for myself with grumpy George and grumpy Dillman. Boy does he owe me one!


Kelley said...

Those are good names... and GREAT VIDEO!!!!
It's definately spring when little goat kidlets are dancing around!

Shanster said...

Yeah - spring definately has SPRUNG with goat-i-kins jumping about! Cute lil' buggers ain't they?