Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Names and Bed Bugs

We are still undecided with Spot's black doe kid... we are torn between Speck and Nebbiolo! Because Speck begotten of Spot makes us laugh and Nebbiolo is a wine thing and we love all things wine related.

We'll name the buck kid Chablis or Bongo... depending on which name we end up with for the doe kid. Sheesh. Could I BE any less decisive?

I thought Dedene's "Chablis" was fun and wonderfully wine related for the light colored buck kid and would go well with Nebbiolo. Sally suggested TomTom and Bongo based on the video with the kid-lets playing on the overturned feed tub because they made so much noise, it sounded like drumming. How clever is she? The Divine Ms. K suggested Carbon Copy ... way cute since the doe kid is black and Spot is black.

Since so few played, I wanted to say thanks and encourage those who had fun ideas and suggestions! Maybe I'll get more players for the second set of kids?

Here's the deal - submit names for the new babies - Rosie's babies - to the comments section and this weekend, Furry Husband and I will decide which we liked best. Submit your entry by the time I check my blog on Sunday morning.... so around 9ish mountain time? You can submit more than once and we want you to have fun with anything that pops into your heads. Submit, submit, submit! Winner(s) get a free 6oz bottle o' goat milk lotion. Simple. Easy. Fun.

Ready? Get set.... NAME!


I read the most disturbing newspaper article. Not disturbing like a murder or a war or a shooting... those things are disturbing on a much different level!

The article I read was about BED BUGS! (insert a dark but musical dun, dun, dunnnnnnn )

Evidently bed bugs are on the rise and more and more people are discovering their houses and furniture infested. People are picking them up when they travel... they are in hotels both in the U.S. and abroad. NICE homes and NICE hotels! It's not just the unclean, dirty roach motels anymore.

Bed bugs are hitching rides in luggage and can be in clothes... anyone who buys clothes or furniture second hand (hello? I LOVE thrifting and consignment shops) is at risk of bringing home bed bugs.

There is little that can be done once you have them. You have to get rid of your furniture and bedding... well this article said you could put everything outside for a couple weeks at extreme hot or cold temperatures and the bed bugs would die or disappear.

My mouth was open in complete abject horror while I read this article. I began feeling imaginary bugs crawling on my skin and in my hair. Ack! I 'm scratching my scalp now with the heebie jeebies of typing this up! Furry Husband laughs and laughs at me.

As if I don't have enough to obsess and worry about when I travel....

I saw some show over 10 yrs ago that revealed what happens when people don't think they are being watched? There were hidden cameras planted in different situations. One situation showed hotel cleaners straightening up a hotel room. There was a shot showing one of them putting a guest's toothbrush down their pants and scrubbing their ass crack with it!

I ALWAYS hide my toothbrush when I travel and I put the "do not disturb" sign out so they keep out of my room.

Shrug - it's also environmentally friendly that they don't have to wash the sheets and towels until I leave so I use that excuse publicly if anyone asks. I don't have to reveal what a freak I am about being terrified of my toothbrush or any other personal effect being defiled by hotel staff.

And now I will be checking bedding for bed bugs.... I will be scouring the sheets and blankets. Since bed bugs feed the most at 4am, you can bet I'll be waking up looking for the feasting little beasties!

You've been warned. Be on the look out for bed bugs. I would post a picture of bed bugs and tell you the warning signs, but it would quite literally send me over the edge this morning. You will have to Google that topic on your own.


Cheryl said...

That part about bed bugs and toothbrushes gave me my first good laugh this morning. Thank you.

Will brainstorm names the next few days. Can't think of any before my first cup of coffee...

Shanster said...

Drink your coffee and wake up dah-ling! I'm the same... must. have. coffee.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not posting this until AFTER we got back from San Antone...


Shanster said...

I know... I read it and immediately thought of you cuz I knew you were TRAVELLING!!! Horrors! Oh - you shoulda seen the pictures of them in the paper -gave me shudders!!

kel said...

ok, you seriously just creeped me out with the bed bugs talk.

Dedene said...

Well, that finishes staying in hotels for me! I just heard about someone else who had bedbugs in their house.

Here are some suggestions for names of the new kids.
Raz & moquette! HA!
Dino & Shirley?
Soleil & Lune

I'm so happy that you liked Chablis.

Shanster said...

SEE? It could be you or me next! OMG - my scalp is totally crawling again...

I know, I know... I am totally creeped out myself!

Shanster said...

Yay! MORE names!!!