Friday, April 3, 2009

Spur o' the moment naming contest

It's Friday. Friday! Friday!

Ever since Spot kidded on Sunday, it's been cloudy and cold and windy as all hell. No sort of weather for new little goat-lets to play in.

Last night it was beautiful - clear - relatively warm - NO WIND!

There is a storm supposedly moving in tonight and we will have lots and lots of snow Saturday. Well, that is what the weather people are predicting. I really wanted to get things cleaned up before the storm moves in! I spent last night outside cleaning horse pens....and I took the babies out of their stock tank to let them play.

They are like little Tiggers... full of bounce and spring. They follow me, they follow the dogs, they jump and leap and fall down and try to climb up on anything stationary.

I moved all the "teenage" chickens who are now getting feathers vs. chick fluff to the dirty baby goat stock tank and cleaned the chicken stock tank. Moved the chickens back to their clean digs and scooped out all the straw from the goat-let stock tank. They've only been there since Sunday but when you are drinking milk 3x a day, you pee A LOT. I bedded them down with new straw and as it began to get dark I moved them back in.

You could almost hear them - "awwwww! do we have to go back in?"

I took a chance and left them out in the kid pen to play today. It's supposed to be sunny and in the 50's. They have a dog-loo and a stock tank on it's side where they could get in out of the weather if need be. I don't think the storm will hit til later tonight.

As I got into my car to head to work, I could see the little ones jumping and springing and frolicking in their pen. I didn't have time for pictures but I will take some when I get home and post them for you tonight. I promise!

I do have a request for you faithful readers.... I need help naming the black doe kid.

I was sort of thinking Nebbiolo... but no one outside of the wine industry/wine lovers would know that nebbiolo is a small, black grape from Italy used to make wine...

I don't want to name her something obvious like Smudge or Sooty... so put your thinking caps on and give me some fun, unique names. I'll send the winner a 6oz bottle of our hand-made, most awesome, goat milk lotion! Deadline is April 19.

Wow - my first contest - and completely spur o' the moment....


Kelley said...

I like the Idea of Nibbiolo (and no, I did not know what it was)... but what would you call her for short... Nibby?

Even though you are not going to keep the male... maybe a play on Black and White... Carbon Copy... night and day??.... Wow.. avoiding Sooty, Smudge, Cinder, Cocoa, Coal.... what do you name something all black that is not a cliche?

Shanster said...

Oh - but it doesn't have to be about her coloring. I liked Isabella ... but then with the whole Twilight craze, figured there would be a lot of kids named after them this year.

I liked Betty but um, Furry Husband's MOM is named Betty so he has a little wierdness around it.

I sorta thought about Yin and Yang but...?

Keem 'em coming! So far you are the only one playing! :)

Dedene said...

I thought about Chablis to go with Nibbiolo, then you'd have a white wine with a red wine.

But now that I've heard about Bounce and Spring, those seem like much better names.