Friday, April 10, 2009

My Product Revealed!

It's Friday - hard to be grumpy on a Friday.

I stopped in The Fig Leaf, a local quilt shop, yesterday and signed up for their quilt club. It costs $5 for the year and I figured it would help my motivation for the quilt I'm doing with my Mom-In-Law, I might meet a new friend and it might be fun.
The quilt shop ladies did look at me a bit funny when I told them I was hand piecing, they were a little disapproving and a bit shocked. I guess they all have sewing machines! To me, isn't there something romantic and old timey about piecing by hand? It's what women did before sewing machines when there were quilting circles and quilting was about women coming together to teach, learn and share with each other. Hand piecing is from another time.

If I lived closer to Furry Husband's mom, I would meet her weekly for quilting. It's really not so much fun on my own, but if there was a quilting circle? I would go and learn and relish the feminine energy.

Anyway, while I was there, I noticed a little 2oz bottle of lotion for sale... $5.99! Makes me feel much more comfortable about the wholesale price I want to ask for my 6oz bottle of lotion. I'm pretty sure retailers mark up 100%. I know that my frugal, cheap ass self probably wouldn't pay a lot for a bottle of lotion regularly at the grocery store ... but I might pay it if I was in a boutique or a specialty store where I tended to "splurge".

The last order I filled for my lotion, I ran out of bottles. My order was for two of my scents, not all four and since I was running low on bottles, I only made the two, but I think you'll get the idea.
I should have my re-order of bottles today or tomorrow and I'll make some of each scent to begin peddling my wares. I have many, many scents but opted to begin with four:

Frutti Pa-tootie --a fun, fresh, fruity scent with a smidge of topical, it makes me think of the 1940's musicals where women wore tall fruit head decor while bearing their belly buttons.
Tea for Two ----a unisex scent that is earthy and cozy reminiscent of dry black tea leaves.

Porch Swing --a green scent reminding me of summer, sitting on the porch, smelling fresh cut lawns.

Plain Jane ---- my lotion without the fragrance

Figure I could add a new sent every once and a while and rotate one of my labels with a new fragrance ... each label has a different color associated with the title. Frutti is yellow, Tea is hot pink, Porch is green and Plain is black with white lettering.

My 6oz bottles, and the four-pack which will contain each of the four scents in 2oz bottles.

And because everyone loves a story... we include our story on each bottle. The four-pack has a landscape card insert in the back that looks just like this - only ya know - horizontal-like. Whattya think? I think my friend B did a brilliant job with the design and my lotions look so professional and fun! Definitely ready for retail....


Anonymous said...

Those are brilliant. I had no idea you made skin products. Wow, I'd love to know more!

You are so clever.

Shanster said...

Just lotion right now... goat milk lotions! The lactic acid in the milk is a mild exfoliant... Cleopatra bathed in goat milk to stay young after all!

If the lotions take off, I could introduce bath fizzies, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs... but I'm starting small to see how it goes. Can always expand later. I don't want to stretch myself too thin as a start-up.

I'm glad you like it! I'm excited and scared by it all at the same time...

Kelley said...

LOVE THE LABLING!!!! VERY Cute and very eye catching!!!!

Shanster said...

I sure hope so!! I'm nervous to begin knockin' on doors... but all of you guys tested it and I know it's good stuff. Nothing to fear but fear itself right? :)