Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu and Mrs. Kravitz

Our wacky and lovable neighbor, Mrs. Kravitz, is hoarding for swine flu. She told me she spent $250 on hoarding supplies over the weekend in addition to the materials she still has from the avian flu scare and Y2K.

She asked if we were hoarding wine.

Well, technically, we ARE hoarding wine. But it's not because of swine flu. Furry Husband likes to keep bringing it home and it's a habit I really don't mind! I told her yes, we were hoarding wine.

She says she'll share her cans of Spaghetti-Os and Beef-a-roni if we'll share our wine when the pandemic breaks out.


Sounds good to me! shrug. (shhhh. it's best not to argue!)

I don't think I'm going to tell her that our buddy in Mexico drove to CO this week for a business thing and he is bringing me some more little metal figures I wanted but couldn't fit in my luggage when we visited back in February.

I'm sure if I told her we were meeting up with someone FROM Mexico this week, her head would explode. Some things are better left unsaid.

Messing with her can be fun, but you have to know how far you can push to keep it fun vs. pushing her over the edge.

She sorta thinks our other neighbor, Greg, is a terrorist. Or she used to. I think that fear has died down a little. Especially since Greg, who is an electrician, helped Mrs. Kravitz to figure out an electrical problem in her garage.

To poke fun at Mrs. Kravitz (poke fun... a term used by my 7th grade teacher) I had a girlfriend who travelled to Egypt and brought me souvenir wrapped in local newspaper. The newspaper was in Arabic. I underlined words, circled words, put big exclamation points and arrows in red sharpie marker all over the newspaper and left it in Mrs. Kravitz's mailbox.

She called to tell me about it and that if I wasn't playing a joke on her, she was going to call the FBI. She's called the FBI before. When she thought Greg was a terrorist, she called them. She'd do it again.


Anonymous said...

What a funny lady. The local FBI must love her. Great story.

DebH said...

now that made me "snort"!!

Foxxy said...

I love your blog. I have been following it in a lurking kind of way since the end of last year. Your blog and MadameK's blog inspired me to start my own fledgling blog last december. Thanks and keep the stories coming.

Shanster said...

Dedene - She IS a funny lady! We love her and she'd do anything for you but yeah. Funny!

DebH - Me too! *snort*

Foxxy - Oh, I'm so glad! I write and think - oh jeez, who could be reading this and I think it's just my own little quirky thing I do for my own entertainment. I'm glad you are getting some entertainment too!! :) I LOVE Madame K... I'm gonna have to go check your blog out too!

Cheryl said...

Shanster, I love your optimistic view of life. You must be so fun to be around! I hope Mrs Kravits and the rest of your neighbors truly appreciate you.

Shanster said...

Mrs. Kravitz tells me she loves me and when she gets really sauced, she makes me kiss her on the lips. no, no - not any serious making out or anything - just a sisterly peck... but still.

I LOVE our neighborhood - wouldn't live anywhere else. Everyone is really funny... mostly in a ha ha sort of way.

Thanks for the compliment - I'm all happy and giddy inside from the love I'm getting today! Thank-you!

Cheryl said...

Wow, that's really funny, I can't say I'd want to kiss any of the women I know on the lips even in a non sexual kind of way...

I re-included the cat fight into my post, btw. A bit of venting is, I admit, a lot of fun.

Shanster said...

I never said I WANTED to kiss Mrs. Kravitz on the lips but when she is that sauced? It's easier to do it so she will go home!

Oh yeah - a bit of venting is always good. Keeps you sane... if you don't vent, you could be one of the ones that "goes postal" and nobody wants that. :)

Kelley said...

HA!HA!HA!HA! You should keep in mind that if Mrs. K starts bugging you --- you can always say " I really think you should stay away for a few days... we were surprised by So'N So who came up from Mexico... and I'd HATE for you to Catch anything from us!!!!" : ) It's a great out if you need it. Of course, then she might call the FBI to try and have you quarantined...

Shanster said...

ESPECIALLY now that 2 cases have been confirmed in CO!

olivia said...

LOL, that's hilarious!

(Clicked over from IVG's Urban Oasis -- great blog you have!)

Shanster said...

Thanks! I hope I can have success like Urban Oasis... tho' I have to say I was sad they are in IA... I was hoping they lived in CO or WY and had similar plant problems!

:) Gorgeous pictures tho, and I'll be reading it from now on!

olivia said...

Yeah, IVG and Fernymoss have a really beautiful garden. IVG may have some tips for you though ... he knows his stuff and loves to help people with their gardening woes. :)

I'll be following you too -- and hopefully will see the conquering of the bindweed in the near future! ;-)