Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tracking Toe

Toe had his second tracking lesson... I'm totally geeked about it. He did really well - Joelynn lays a track and there is a glove at the end.

Toe gets to sniff the glove and he watches while Joelynn lays the track. You'd think since he watches, he'd run to where the glove is, however, he does sniff and look for the scent trail. We did three tracks total. The first one was straight and then she put in a right hook on the second track and a left hook on the third track in this lesson.

Sniffing the left hook you could tell he lost her trail... he cut across the hook vs. following it around. He stopped, looked at me wagging... sniffed around a little and then BAM! you could see when he found the trail again cuz he was off and running with his little sled dog like intensity. It was pretty cool.

The harness I bought for him wasn't right and since we had 40mph winds last night, I decided to take the harness back and shop for a correct tracking harness. I certainly wouldn't be working horses ...

Besides, Furry Husband called because there was a fire near-by. He said there was smoke and it smelled like a big bonfire at home. He went driving to see how close it was.

Right now it's not so close, but with these 20-40mph winds it could get close fast. There are lots of firefighters working around the clock, homes in Livermore have been evacuated and fire lines are being watched. I hope the winds die down today but they aren't expected to until tonight...

So far no homes or structures have been lost. Keep your fingers crossed for all those in Livermore CO!

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