Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I guess I needed them...

I bought these boots in 1998. Furry Husband and I were in Jackson Hole, WY at one of his buddy's condos or something. We went into town and I bought these boots as a splurge. Blundstone paddock boots.

Lookit - the heel is coming off... there is a crack in the sole... I didn't realize I really needed new boots... they still worked. My feet didn't get wet at the barn or anything.
Mom came out to see me, took one look at my boots and told me they were well past the worn out phase.
And now.... drum roll please.
Do you hear the heavenly music? The angels singing on high? Do you see the holy light shining down from above?

TADA! My new Blundstone boots for riding and mucking around the barn.
Thanks for the boots Mom! I guess I needed them?


Kelley said...

Awwww... I hate to see an old pair of boots that have to go. They sure did you well for a long time, and it's amazing your feet were still dry. I have friends that swear by their Blunstones.

Yay for New Boots and mom's that think they are that necessary!!! : )

Angie said...

You don't have to get rid of the old ones just slap some leather oil on them. You can save your new ones for when you aren't gonna be in the mud.

DebH said...

those look perfect..just what I need! I am going to look into those, Amazon/Ebay here I come.

Shanster said...

Kelley - I know huh? I was being a big cheapskate and not wanting to buy new ones cuz these still worked!

Angie - I'll do that! I was having a hard time throwing them out. The worn ones can be for all the muddy days!

DebH - they sure hold up through just about anything!