Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Snow

Hmm - doesn't usually snow til Halloween round these parts.....even then it's only enough to ruin Halloween costumes cuz you have to put a coat on, but not enough to stop the trick or treating fun.
Not today!
This is our snow gage. The 300lb concrete dog. I should live with The Trailer Park Boys....
I think THIS snow gage is much cuter... Bye-bye little garden square.... see you next spring. No more purty flowers...
Ponies are snug in their blankets.

Goaties are bedded down in deep straw inside their quonset huts... I threw them hay in their houses so they don't have to come out. Breakfast in bed for the goaties.

All the kitties and the dogs are inside doing what they do best - sleeping.


Heather said...

I love snow days! Especially the first of the year!

Kelley said...

The snow was belly deep on my little dog meter as well. : ) Hope you are having a nice snow day, in spite of your furry husband being in Sunny California.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you've already got snow! EEEECK!
My roses are still blooming and I just picked the last of my tomatoes this past week.
Poor girl, keep Toe and yourself warm.

DebH said...

this is just plain crazy!! What is in store for us this winter?? I seriously gave it thought about searching for warmer properties last week ..but found the truck it would take to haul everything would look like the "Arc". Keep Warm!!

Shanster said...

Heather - yeah, it was cozy warm indoors and I pretty much did nothing but curl up on the couch and read!

Kelley - it's a good snow day for sure! And it's great for Furry Husband's guilt meter even tho' I tell him I'm perfectly fine!

Dedene - oh! Blooming roses!!

DebH - I hear it's going to be mild but when we get weather we are gonna get WEATHER! It's been a very odd year don't you think? Why would it stop now? :)