Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm still here...

Don't worry!

Things with Dad are weird. Turns out he needed ambulance transport which we can't afford in order to move him to Denver. Sister wanted to move him herself but the risks sounded too great. No one on the nursing staff thought it was a good idea... I would have to sign a ton of liability ppwk... and really isn't that saying enough?

Sister thought if she drove fast with the stereo cranked to drown out any protests from Dad, how bad could it be? If something went wrong, she'd just drive faster.

I had to step up and say it wasn't a good idea and exert the power of the POA. She was mad at me but... really. The trip woulda been a disaster waiting to happen.

Evidently the lines of communique are still open - we will travel together on Saturday to visit. Wish me luck on that one. A relationship that hasn't worked very well at best will be under some pretty serious emotional juju.

On a lighter note, Furry Husband and I went to see Steve Martin's banjo concert Saturday night. We were 4 rows back and it was so weird to be so close to someone I've always really appreciated and loved their work... not to mention someone that "big" in the entertainment world who has been around for so long.

I snapped some iPod video and if I can figure out how to post..... y'all will see some Steve Martin! Gots to give up the love for Mr. Steve Martin.... What an amazingly talented man!

And still no goats exhibiting any signs of wanting to get down and dirty with each other....


Sally said...

I'm so sorry you have all this to deal with..my thoughts are with you.

Dedene said...

Lucky you to have been able to see Steve Martin!

Bon courage with your sister. Try not to deck her when you visit.
Hope your dad is well.

Shanster said...

Sally - Thanks - I suppose everyone does! It's my turn. :)

Dedene - yeah - it was so cool to see him that close. Thanks - I will do lots of smiling and nodding and biting of the tongue. Hope things go o.k - it's all I can do!

DebH said...

Sorry I haven't been following well enough lately..but sounds like you have a good handle on sense and will deal with all appropriately. Life sure can hand you a bowl of crap once in a while, but it is just as well you laugh it off and chalk it up to just another day in the life of Crazydom. Gotta get a good belly laugh once in a while..sure keeps you sane.