Sunday, October 11, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Canadian Thanksgiving that is....

The neighbors across the street are Canadian and they invited us over for their thanksgiving dinner. I'm making stuffed mushroom caps - 1/2 will be stuffed with green chilies and the other 1/2 with blue cheese. MMMMMMM

Furry Husband called and he's on his way home.... HOOORAY!

Our favorite goatie family called - most of them are at the Dairy Goat Convention in NY, the 2 left home are milking the herd and wouldn't you know, the milk machine broke. One of them has a permanent injury to her arm which leaves her unable to milk by hand....

I told her nothing is more fun than milking Larson goats and we'd be over tonight and the next few nights if they need us. It's true. You haven't HAD fun til you've milked a Larson goat. (wink)

I cancelled my lesson today cuz I am a big weenie. It's 23 degrees and it began misting - leaving a nice coat of ice on EVERYTHING.

Staying in and making mushroom caps .... along with some cardamom bread sounds much more conducive to today's weather I think.


DebH said...

well..I am waiting to hear the details of a early Thanksgiving Feast for sure!! It's what keeps me going these long cold days! I love all that good food and the Holidays..sure is a good thing someone invented those!

Shanster said...

DebH - oh yeah, I love all those big dinners with such yummy foods... nothing like being in the house with all those good smells in the kitchen.