Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's breedin' time!

Now is the time our does begin going into heat... tho' I think the two does we have left are going to be very quiet and sultry about it vs. screamers.

That means I'm gonna have to start watching doe hooha's...

If you asked me 10 yrs ago if I thought I'd be closely inspecting goat hooha's for signs of heat I woulda fallen off my bar stool laughing.

We'll breed our yearling doe, Speck, this year to one of Marylou's bucks so our poor buck (Speck's Papa) will not be used. How frustrating that must be when you get ONE and only ONE shot at love all year long!

I rode Rosso Sunday in my lesson - he was good. Rex rode him as well and it was a treat to watch. He is very nice, his eye is much softer and he was much more relaxed. I know he has it in him to be a really nice horse. We just have to get over the hump of his young horse stuff - all of which will make me a better horse person ..... I hope.

I find I am not feeling very strong emotionally right now with stuff going on in my family so I don't know that I am in the correct frame of mind to ride Rosso. I need to be confident and sure! Instead I'm feeling distracted and upset.

Sister wants to move Dad to Denver all of a sudden.

She thinks Dad is faking it for attention.


People fake their way into hospice all the time. Happens every day.

Repeat after me: "Shanster's sister is a piece of work."


Dedene said...

Sorry for your emotional upsets. Try to focus on the animals and be at peace.

Kelley said...

Wow... Shanster's sister IS a piece of work!!! Whew. Hang in there.... plan only good rides on Rosso (up at your trainer's if that is what it takes) and drink lots of wine (I mean really, when is NOT a good time for wine???).

You can be the crazy lady down the road with all the cats, the perpetual glass of wine in one hand, tipped over looking at your goat's hooha's.... at least the neighborhood will stay entertained!!! : ) And I promise to always admit that we are friends... EVEN out in public!

Shanster said...

Dedene - Thank-you!

Kelley - O.K. that image had me laughing... me, my wine glass tipped and spilling with my head under a goat's tail.... awesome!

Kelley said...

... and then "pan out" from you being the crazy lady with the cats, spilling wine, looking at the hoohas.... and notice that at least ONE neighbor is looking through their binoculars at you!!! : ) Yeah... who's the crazy neighbor NOW?????