Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chiropractic re-check

Rosso had his chiropractor out yesterday for a recheck. I got home 7 minutes late and the chiropractor DVM was in my driveway waiting. *cringe* Hate being late! I jumped out of my car with my dressier work clothes complete with clunky funky old lady looking high heeled lace-up shoes... I shouted "I'm so sorry!" and went running to the tack room to grab a halter... ran through the horse pens and out to the pasture.

Funny thing is that since I began treating Rosso's pains, he's been much friendlier when he sees me. He saw me walking toward him in the pasture and began walking to me - "Hey Mom, whassup?" with a friendly interested look in his eye.

I had the halter just over his nose when he heard the chiropractor vet talking to the goaties.

ZOOP! Up went his head. DINK! went his ears straight forward.... "WHO is that?! Oh, this isn't general run of the mill - something is different. Verrry different..." And off he ran.


I walked him down in my high heeled funky gramma shoes and caught him. Brought him in with Sera following while Brandon wisely stayed in the pasture dozing.

The good news is he didn't show pain - he was pronounced 80% better with 50% better joint movement. She still did a few adjustments but said he held his prior adjustments well and would probably need maintenance here and there when he began to get sticky in his neck and having difficulty with his right lead. Maybe in 6 mos, maybe in a year.

Everything she says is so interesting. She's one of those people who is smart and super, super good at what she does. I could listen to those type of people all day long....

Now if he's a turd, there is no excuse.

I was happy he's so much more comfortable. He was happy when the hairless monkeys quit fussing with him and turned him back out with his "herd" in the pasture.

Alls well that ends well.....

(and still no goaties showing signs of estrus - tho' we are supposed to get 20" of snow over the next two days. Wanna bet someone wants to be bred when it's impossible to get her to a buck? Ha!)


Kelley said...

I was so excited when it sounded like you had him caught on the first try in "fancy" shoes... should'a known. : )

SUPER laughing about goats going into Estrus for the strom... Oh yeah, my money's on the goats!!! : )

Cheryl said...

Hi Shanster, 18 posts and I've missed them all! Not by choice though (connection issues). I've been wondering how you've been, what funny new stories you've been sharing. Is that why he was giving you so much trouble before? He was in pain? Poor guy. Glad he's doing better.

20 inches of snow there the next few days!!! That sounds like so much fun. I have to drive hours just to catch a glimpse of snow.

Shanster said...

I know! So was I cuz when I headed out in them I was like - "this is bound to end in failure since I'm in dress clothes and high heels"

Not that any of my clothes are above being slobbered on by animals and my high heels are big clunky square heels only an inch high - also not above any sort of animal poo!

Shanster said...

Cheryl - I don't know? I think that was the start of the naughtiness and then when he figured out how easy it was to get out of working some behavior stuff fed in... we'll see how he progresses from here on out! It's all about the journey... and yea, snow IS a lot o' fun as long as you don't get stuck in it! :)