Friday, March 13, 2009


Something is wrong with Mojo. Remember our big, black kitty that I took to the Meow Mix auditions? He used to like laying full out on his back showing off his nipples. So much so that his second name was Mr. Nipples?

He's the 20lb huge, black panther of a cat that would lie in wait for me around a corner and then jump out when I walked by attacking my ass - full on, paws wrapped around my hips and biting my ass - as if he was a wild jungle cat and I was his personal wildebeast?
He's lost weight. He stays in a crouch like he doesn't feel good. Last night he crouched in the closet all night long amidst our shoes vs. sprawled out all over our feet in bed. He isn't active. He doesn't chase the red laser dot anymore. He hasn't attacked me in a month. He hasn't licked Furry Husband's nose. We haven't seen him laying on his back showing the world his nipples for weeks.

It's all been sorta subtle... I started really watching him 2 weeks ago, something not quite right but maybe I was imagining it? Had the vet over for a quick look before we left on our trip. Could be he's grumpy cuz Itty Bitty Opal Kitty is driving him to distraction, yes he's lost weight but he's a healthy weight...

It was all happening so gradually....but now he is noticeably not at all right - not at all himself. Vet came over today and she thinks he's lost weight since she saw him last week. She will pull blood. Everyone is concerned now. Red alert.

She thinks he looks like a kidney failure cat... he's only 3.

Doesn't sound so good. Keep your fingers crossed for our big, black kitty!


DebH said...

oh, I am so sorry! Hope things turn out that a little med will fix. Once they get you with that personality you are total toast. Hope all is OK! Make sure you post the results, I will be thinking of your worry! 3 yrs old seems too young for kidney troubles, maybe test the kitty food, hard to trust stuff lately.

Shanster said...

DebH - THANK-YOU! I'll let you know for sure. We should get the blood test results back on Monday and I'll post it.