Saturday, March 21, 2009


Oh - I forgot. Remember how I posted 'bout my love o' the banjo? Well, I ordered "The Crow" by Steve Martin and it is MOST excellent. While I was on looking for cheap, used CD's, I also bought this CD where Jack Black sings a bluegrass tune which totally kicks ass... but I've had a glass of wine or two so I can't remember the name of it right now...

Well, a while back there was this PBS special on John Denver. Furry Husband remembers LOVING John Denver as a young lad. I sorta remember liking him a lot too... I remember him on The Muppet Show. Gawd, I loved the muppets.
Anyway, we watched this PBS fund raiser all about John Denver. I remember in the 90's when I was going to Colorado Avalanche hockey games pretty regularly, there was this odd crowd pleaser thing that happened randomly. The "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" would blare while this guy did this crazy ass goofy exaggerated country/hick dance on the edge of the balcony. The crowd would go crazy for this guy.
And then I realized that I actually really LIKE that song! I know it's lame but I like it.
I found a 2 CD John Denver compilation that had "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" on it for around $4. I bought it and got it in the mail last night.... I kept asking Furry Husband if he wanted to listen to John Denver. He kept looking at me funny and saying No. No Thanks. That's o.k.

And I'm all - ??? what the heck? Didn't we watch that PBS John Denver thing and you talked all about how much you loved John Denver when you were a kid?

Welllllll - yeah. (he is in total and complete John Denver denial at this point - as if it never really happened - like we never really watched that PBS special and I am all about realizing your dork-dom and sort of revelling in it)

We went out to do chores and I needed to run back inside for something.... and then I opened up the house windows, cranked (and I mean CRANKED) the stereo up and played track 14 on disc one.

You guessed it.

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

I walked down our little gravel pathway with an exaggerated farmer hitch in my git'along. I grabbed Furry Husband and we did the funny little square dancin' ho down thing and I shouted out a yeee haaaaaa!

Heck - we LIVE in the damn country and we might as well admit our goofy, closet, music fetishes on a Friday night while milkin' goats and feedin' horses.

So while our John Denver music might horrify you.... we had a really good time last night listening to him and his geeee-tar. In fact, Furry Husband came to grips with his fetish and put it on again tonight.... oh - hang on - I think I hear track 14 startin up again... I gots to go ho down with my schweetie pa-teetie in the kitchen!


Heather said...

Not sure if you have ever heard of My Tea Kind. They are a local (oklahoma/arkansas) group that plays bluegrass. They have a great lead voclaist/ washboard player. She also plays in Elephant Revival Concept.
Try this:
This is elephant revival:
(very awesome)

Shanster said...

I haven't but I am going to check them out - THANK-YOU! I love finding new music.

Dedene said...

That's so funny and so cute. Hey, assume your down-home corniness, right?

Shanster said...

EXACTLY! (big cheesy grin)

Kelley said...

HA!HA!HA! I wish I'd known... I own a BUNCH of John Denver. : ) From your blog, it makes me wonder if I should be admiting that.... oh well..... HA!HA!