Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random pictures

Sammy came outside with me for picture takin'... My wine bottle project. I'm "planting" them to make a fun border. Since Furry Husband is in the biz, we have LOTS and LOTS of wine bottles. Our whole place could be bordered with bottles... but with the heavy clay soil that compacts and dries like concrete... it's sweaty work and slow goin' with my pick axe and shovel.
Sammy taking a bow... such a sweet boy

Rosie has the beginnings of an udder! I wasn't sure she was preggers because she is maintaining her girlish figure. This was a hard shot to get because all the does are so friendly and they all want attention. To actually get behind one.... vs. them mugging me for affection took effort!

I found Spot dozing in the sun in her house... I startled her awake for the picture.

Sleepy Spot - she is big and full o' babies.

Rosie nibbling on my coat and not cooperating at all with me trying to get a pix of her blossoming udder. Furry Husband keeps singing... "you'll be a wo-man soooon."

Some of our baby chicks... under a red heat lamp.

This one looks at me suspiciously....

Itty Bitty Opal Kitty has been layin' low after her spay. I think we are all enjoying the break from her normal rambunctious kitten antics!

I trimmed goat hooves yesterday and I "crotched" Spot. That is shaving their tail, the back of her legs and udder so when they birth or kid, there isn't such a mess in their hair. I couldn't shave Rosie because Furry Husband wasn't home and she can weasle her head out of the stanchion. She'll stand and eat grain while I trim feet but didn't think she'd be so willing for clippers around her nether regions!

I didn't shave the does one year and it really did make a difference in mess level for them with afterbirth and goo stuck on them. Spot is due April 1 and Rosie is due April 16. I started getting nervous yesterday... things can go wrong. 99% of the time they don't but you don't know what is in store for this year's kidding season!

We are making sure we have all the materials we need in our "birthin' kit" this weekend. Stuff like towels to dry the babies off... newspaper to wrap the placenta in (tho' the dogs wish we could feed it to them - gross dogs!)... some shoulder length gloves in case I have to go in for a kid... lubricant in case I have to go in for a kid... bottles to feed kids... stuff like that.


Tracy said...

We have wanted to gets goats and/or sheep for so long but having to do all this stuff is so overwhelming to me! I mean, I know I could do it, but the time is a problem. I guess I will just enjoy your life from afar:) Look forward to hearing about the kids.

And seeing the chicks makes me look forward to getting more soon. THOSE I can handle!

Love your wine bottle border too!

Shanster said...

I'm sure you could do it too! Tho' it is sort of time intensive and finding someone to milk when you want to leave your place is difficult.

I'm looking forward to some of our own eggs from our chicks for sure!

Thanks - I keep starting projects and they end up being hard work so they go half-ass for so long... one of these days I'll get my border done! Problem is Furry Husband keeps bringing home... :)