Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bitty's Box...

We are all about the ani-mules at our house. Sometimes we get something in the mail that comes in a box and the cats LOVE the boxes, so we keep their favorite ones for them to lay in, play with - whatever.

Furry Husband's mom came to visit one summer, looked skeptically at the kitty boxes.... "Well. You just spoil those cats. They don't need those boxes!"

Nope. They sure don't but the boxes are cheap entertainment! (for us AND the kitties)

Someone with a 4 yr old boy came to our house once and one of our old kitties was curled up, sleeping in a box. The little boy asked me if she was sick. I said, no - it's our kitty in the box! He looked a little dubious. "Kitty in da box?" Yup! I happily confirmed, kitty in the box! He left looking totally confused.... do kitties come in boxes? Why is the kitty in the box?!

Bitty has this little box. She is growing and filling it up and won't be able to fit in it much longer. She likes to sit in it and bite it. There are little pieces of cardboard all over from her biting the box and spitting out the pieces. ptooey! It is hilarious and makes me laugh... she was in a box biting mood this morning.

Bitty in her box.... dilated pupils... hooked monkey tail... Bitty is in quite a state and lookin' for trouble.She's so big now, she tips the box over and sticks her paws thru the seam looking for something to snag and pull into her lair.

By the way, Mojo was spotted eating kitty kibble on his own this morning as well as last night. We think this is a GREAT sign! We continue to feed him through his stomach tube because the vet says we need to aggressively get food into him to reverse the hepatic lipadosis for the next 3 weeks.... keep those fingers crossed!

While watching Bitty attack her box this morning, I took some pictures of some of my favorite things in our kitchen....
Our fridge looks chaotic but I love all the little pieces of our life stuck all over it. Our fridge was bare growing up - never anything on it - so I don't know why or where I acquired this quirky habit, but I love having stuff all over our fridge.
There are magnets from places we've been, pictures of people we love, some cartoons that struck us in some way, postcards from people who travelled to far away places. I could tell a story about each thing stuck there....
We'll never have a fridge that magnets won't stick to!
Furry Husband and I were going to be married at the Maroon Bells in Aspen. We went to Aspen to check it all out and it didn't feel right to us.... just too.... rich. On our way through town I spotted a thrift store and I wanted to see what wealthy people in Aspen took to a thrift store. It was woefully bare, but I found this porcelain pig head missing an eye. What IS this? What is it's purpose? It is so strange, I must have it!
And then I began finding more of them??? I found some on Ebay, I found some at local thrift stores... a neighbor gave me the cow head. I found a chicken head and a duck head. I wonder what other animals they come in and what in the hell they are?! There are no identifying marks on them, no company label, no stickers, no imprint or etching- nothing. Other people bought them because I keep finding them for cheap, cheap, cheap. I've never seen one in any sort of retail store. The best guess I or any of my friends have is that they are kitchen towel holders. shrug.
Each time I find one, I bring it home. Furry Husband shakes his head and wonders what will I do with more and how many will I bring home? When will it be enough?
I don't have any answers for him.
I found this cast iron boar head at an antique sale... I thought it was so unusual. The thing weighs like 30 lbs. I don't know what it is either. Some sort of really old cake pan? Instead of Barney the Dinosaur, some lady back in the day made her child a boar's head birthday cake??

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