Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Furry Husband leaves at O'Dark Thirty tomorrow for his Napa trip. We are BOTH really glad the babies are here and the routine is settling in.

Spot's first four milkings are colostrum and treated as such. We heat treat and freeze the colostrum to have on hand just in case something should happen. The babies MUST have colostrum or they will die - they won't have any immunity if they don't get it and they would slowly die from infection. We used some of Spot's colostrum from this year but most of her colostrum is being heat treated and frozen for next year. We use the frozen colostrum from last year for this year's kids.

We've also had calls in the past from people who lost does and needed colostrum for newly orphaned babies so it is really handy to have on hand for emergencies. The goat colostrum also works for llamas and alpacas. I don't know if it would work for foals? Probably would work on calves... but I'm thinking there just wouldn't be enough of it?

Spot is getting penicillin 2x a day sub-q (under the skin vs. in the muscle) to prevent any infection since I introduced my hand into her body. She is bright eyed, alert and eating so I'm sure she's fine but it doesn't hurt to give her penicillin for the next 4-5 days. I'd rather prevent something from happening than nurse her back to health if infection sets in.

Since Furry Husband and I have day jobs, we feed the babies in the mornings, when we get home from work and right before bed. They are getting the hang of it and we don't have to help them out much now.

The first couple of feedings are slow and MESSY. It's like their tongues don't know what to do at first and they don't have any mouth coordination. Their tongues will stick out the side vs. wrapping around the bottle nipple... they'll suck for a few seconds and then the tongue pops off the nipple and sticks out the side while the colostrum dribbles down their face.

They also keep falling asleep! They will be nursing one second and then the sucking slows.... stops.... their mouths open, their eyes are closed and they are dead weight, fast asleep. Being born must be very tiring!

And they don't instinctively know to open their mouths to take in a bottle nipple vs. a warm udder teat so we pry open their little mouths and stick the nipple in - they struggle against this indignity - squirming and sometimes screaming bloody murder. Colostrum squirts all over. It's the same every year.

By now tho, the light bulb has gone off and they know our voices mean food is coming. We walk into our bunk house talking to them and they wake up, give us little goatie hullos, get up, shake off and begin wagging their tails. And now they know bottles are the vehicle to a full belly so they latch right on and drink it all down.

I'll keep posting pictures and try to get some video loaded of them. They are just too cute and so much fun! Rosie is due April 16 so we'll be posting more soon with a second set of kids...

Oh - Furry Husband e-mailed me his itinerary which I posted below. Life is hard for him don't you think? He is going to have a blast and I know he'll bring home some killer wines!

Triple Crown Event
April 2-5, 2009

Welcome to Triple Crown: Furry Husband

All flight arrangements have been e-mailed out by Emma. If you have not received your e-mail, please contact Margie immediately at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

Please note dress code as ZinZanni Teatro and the Awards dinner are more formal .

Hotel check in time for the Ritz Carlton is at 3 PM, but you can leave your luggage with the Bellstaff and they will safely store it for you.

Below is the itinerary for the event as well as your confirmation numbers. Please bring this paperwork with you as this is your map for the event.

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Arrival to San Francisco
Super Shuttle, Bart or Taxi to hotel

Hotel for April 2 and April 3
Ritz Carlton
600 Stockton Street
San Francisco , CA 94108
Phone: 415-296-7465
Fax: 415-364-3455

Your hotel reservation confirmation # is: xxxxxxxx

6:00 PM Please join us in the Lobby Lounge at 6 PM for a drink. Then we will walk to Scala’s for dinner. (4 blocks)

Scala’s Bistro, 432 Powell, St. San Francisco, CA 94102
Dress Code: Business casual or San Francisco evening wear.
(Shanster in here – what the hell is San Francisco evening wear?!?)
Friday, April 3, 2009

10:30 AM Please meet in hotel lobby to board the bus to go to Hornblower Yachts for a cruise and lunch on the San Francisco Bay .
Dress code: Casual, jeans and tennis shoes ok.

2:00 PM Bus returns to hotel

5:30 PM Please meet in hotel lobby to board the bus to go to:

ZinZanni Teatro for dinner and a show. Strict Theatre Dress Code: Business casual to formal wear, retro chic to elegant. (Shanster in: retro chic?? Oh - I'm dyin' ovah hee-ya picturing Furry Husband in retro chic! hoo hoooo hoo - ha ha ha -snort)
(No sweat shirts, shorts, t-shirts, jeans or tennis shoes)

10:00 PM Bus returns to hotel.

Saturday, April 4, 2009 – A Busy Day – Be prepared for bus ride, vineyard tour, tasting, blending session and after hotel check in, the reception and awards dinner.

8:45 AM Please be downstairs, checked out with your luggage.
Dress code: Casual, jeans and tennis shoes ok.

9:00 AM Bus leaves for Napa Valley .

10:00 AM Carneros Vineyard tour with Al Wagner, Vineyard Manager

11:30 AM Formal Tasting at Clos Du Val with John Clews, VP of Vineyard & Winery Operations

12:30 PM Lunch at Clos Du Val

1:15 PM Blending Session at Clos Du Val with John Clews

2:45 PM Shopping at CDV – Instructions will follow.

3:15 PM Leave for River Terrace Inn for check in.

Hotel Accommodations for Saturday, April 4

River Terrace Inn
1600 Soscol Avenue
Napa , CA 94559
Phone: (707) 320-6901
Fax: (707) 258-1236

Your reservation confirmation number is: xxxxx

Please join us for the awards dinner which will be held at Restaurant Cuvee (in front of the hotel) at 1650 Soscol Avenue , Napa .

7:00 PM Welcome Reception
7:30 PM Dinner
Dress code: Sports coat/tie (equivalent for ladies).

Sunday, April 5 – Departure Day for our Guests and Sales Managers

There is a complimentary full American breakfast buffet served from 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM at the River Terrace Inn. Please see the chart below for your time to leave.

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