Tuesday, March 24, 2009

labels, labels and more labels!

I'm so excited! My color labels are done and ready to be picked up. However, everyone loves a story right? I added our story to the back of my lotion along with my contact info because of the Fair Labeling Act... gots to list your ingredients and a way for people to find you.

Furry Husband wasn't so keen at first listing our phone number, but I'm just not sure about the web provider and I may go in a different direction...so something might change and then we'd have all these labels with the wrong information. I know our phone number won't change, so that is what I ended up doing. Had to change our voice mail message to say Hello and you've reached Star's Hollow Farm vs. just Furry Husband and myself....

The labels look so great. The back story will be done by Friday and I'll wait til then to take pictures and show them off.

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