Monday, March 16, 2009

Mojo update just in...

He has a classic case of "hepatic lipadosis". Something caused him to stop eating, he continued the not eating thing and for some cats it sends them into hepatic lipadosis or liver failure. His kidneys look o.k. actually so that is good. There are no infectious things going on either. No FIP or FeLV. That is good too.

We don't know why he stopped eating but it is imperative he gets food into his body. We will be taking him to the CSU Veterinary Hospital tomorrow where they'll put a tube in his neck going to his stomach so we can force feed him and KNOW he's getting the food which will give him a chance. Without enough food he will die, that is a fact. There is a 90% chance he could make a recovery. Keep your fingers crossed! At least there is a chance for our big, ol', well-loved Mojo cat.

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