Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lazy Saturday

We've been so busy lately and today our schedule was pretty wide open. Furry Husband harrowed the pastures to break up all the clumps of horse manure which helps the grass to grow more evenly and distributes whatever nutrients the horse poop brings...

I rode my mare, winter watered stuff, cleaned the bathroom and generally putzed around.

Here are the pictures of those suns I brought back from Mexico - Furry Husband promised that if I got them home, he'd hang them up. This is the side of our hay shed that faces the road and I think they look great! The horses are bored. They are locked in their pens and aren't allowed out on pasture because we live on only 5 acres and and the pasture grass needs time to regenerate and grow. It's beginning to grow and the horses would love nothing better than to eat everything down to nothing making our little place like the Oklahoma dust bowl.

Rosso (the super, annoying, baby brother) was pestering the other two horses to distraction so I threw the Jolly Ball out to him. Our dog, Bequia, borrowed it and before that, our buck goat, Mario, had it. I think we need some more Jolly Balls so EVERYONE on the farm can get their jollies...
After Rosso chewed it and pawed at it and carried it around, Sera wanted to investigate.... ( Sera has one white hind leg while Rosso, her 1/2 brother, has one white front leg. )

No way - that is MY Jolly Ball! Rosso promptly sent her away and resumed playing with it.

Hmph! - it's a dumb game and I don't want to play anyway. You bore me with your childish antics. Stupid baby brother.
My old, old man, Brandon. He was born in 1978... he is so shaggy because he has Cushing's Disease which causes the hair regulator in a horse to go haywire among other things.
He has arthritis and has a lot of sore days. We dose him with bute on the bad days (horse aspirin) but for the most part he still gets around o.k., nickers for his supper, bosses the youngsters and still has an overall interest in being around.
I've had him since I was 16. He's taught me a heck of a lot over the years... will be hard when it's time for him to go. I keep trying to "prepare" for that but I don't know if it's really possible.
He wears horse boots... the Cushings also causes sore feet. The boots help him out and keep him more comfortable. I can hear the goats screamin' for their supper... time for me to head out for chores!

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