Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mexico here we come!

Hope everyone has a happy, safe week! We are headed out tomorrow and we'll be back Friday afternoon...

The house is as clean as it's gonna get.

The animals are all stocked up on food, water troughs are filled and our pet sitter is familiar with the routine.

We stocked up on our petsitter's favorite foods and we'll leave some bottles of wine as well as a 6-pack of a good microbrew beer in the fridge to keep her happy. We HAVE to take good care of our petsitter so she will keep comin' back.

It is surprisingly hard ( o.k. maybe not so surprising to people without lactating animals) to find someone willing to milk a goat.

My previous co-worker was from Mexico... she taught me how to yell at my cat in Spanish... I can call him fat, bad, stinky, nasty black cat. Do you think that might come in handy?

Or maybe some Spanish I learned the time I went to CA for some USDA work centered around this chicken disease will be useful? I can say parrot, hen, rooster... Our team translator at the time taught me how to say "turkey in the straw"... you know that funky fiddle song? I can say "point 5" in a loud Spanish broadcaster voice from listening to a Spanish speaking radio station. I like to say avocado in Spanish because it's fun and I can say "seeds for the birds".

Yup. Looks like I'm ready to head to Mexico! After all, I'm practically bilingual.

Adios amigas/amigos! See you next week!


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip:)

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Kelley said...

Hope you had a great trip to Mexico... can't wait to hear all about it!! : )