Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As in lots going on!

The printer had proofs for my labels ready yesterday but they still needed to be corrected. There were some things misspelled - they sent me the corrected version and all looked well 'cept for one space. There were two words running together - tomorrow I will stop by to see the printed proofs. They print one of each label for me to see, touch, feel before it goes to print.

Thats good because you don't want 2000 labels you can't use because of some typo or mistake. That would be bad. We don't want bad.

Mojo and Furry Husband when we first brought the lil' bugger home.

Mojo and one of our wine decanters - "hey - where's my glass?"

Young Mojo showin' off his mojo...

Mojo went in today for his procedure. Poor guy. I picked him up this afternoon and he has been through the WRINGER. The whole way home his head was shaking like Katherine Hepburn in On Golden Pond. He is drugged to the max.
When I took him out of the carrier, he could stand, take one or two wobbly steps and then his back legs would give out and he laid down where he was.

All the other kitties and our dogs gave him a very careful once over - sniffing him and checking him out. He is laying low but as the drugs wear off, he'll be more of his normal self. This feeding tube thing will go on for a couple months most likely. We won't know if he is getting better until then. It will be slow going but we know we did all we could. We will follow the hospital directions to a T and hope for the best.

Mojo isn't feeling so great. Hopefully he'll make a comeback. The odds are in his favor and he's young. Keep your fingers crossed!
I keep meaning to post about Mexico but other stuff keeps getting in the way! It's comin....

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Kelley said...

I'm glad it's not kidney.... hang in there!!!