Friday, March 27, 2009

Blue skies...

The blizzard is over. We have blue skies today!

AND we have knee high and thigh high drifts at home because of the wind. We ended up blanketing horses last night because they were wet and started shivering. This morning baby Rosso had busted 2 straps on his blanket - a belly strap and a leg strap. Sigh. He doesn't like blankets much but if he's shivering and wet, I don't give him an option. I have to catch him with a halter and someone has to hold him or he needs to be tied in order to get a blanket on him. If he spies a blanket or sees you thinking about blankets, he becomes awful tricky to catch.

Sera, on the other hand, seems to really appreciate a blanket during particularly inclement weather. She stands perfectly still and lets us fuss over her.

Brandon - the old man - NEVER needs blankets. The Cushing's disease makes his hair growin' spiral out of control so he is like a prehistoric beast. I think he is happy when the weather turns nasty cuz he finally feels a little bit cooler.

The extra time I had at home from my snow day gave me a chance to create a cost analysis spreadsheet and I created a lotion calculator geared for my specific lotion recipie. Now all I have to do is plug in the total number of ounces I want and tada! Each ingredient is calculated for me. Way cool. I used to sit down and figure it out with a calculator each time.... 8 bottles, 13 bottles, 4 bottles... always figured it out by hand. Now I can plug in a number and Excel does the work for me. Nice!

Then, because it was snowy and cold out, I made chocolate chip cookies. Nothing like filling the house with that warm cookie smell.... they won't last the weekend I betcha! I remembered to follow the high altitude recipie so my cookies turned out perfectly!! I forget half the time and they end up being awful flat and crunchy. We still eat them - I mean it's still chocolate and sugar for chrissakes, but when I remember to follow the high altitude instructions they are EXTRA tasty!

Mojo provided some entertainment last night. He walked non-chalantly up to Itty Bitty Opal Kitty, bit her on the back of the neck and tried mounting her. I would say he's feeling better if his old neutered but pretending I'm not male cat fantasies are resurfacing!

Tonight is Cozzola's take and bake pizza! Every Friday night we bring one home. Herb crust, garlic red sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, roasted garlic, extra sauce and extra cheese. It is DIVINE. It's our reward for getting through the week and we usually have a really nice bottle of wine to go with it. We love our Friday nights...

Furry Husband read in our local paper that the owners of Cozzola's flew to Las Vegas for the International Pizza Challenge held March 10-12. The country was split into regions, with Cozzola's in the Mid-America region. They WON!

The pizza we eat every Friday night is THE BEST pizza in Mid-America. I can't tell you how much I love that!

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Dedene said...

Enjoy your pizza and your weekend. Hope the snow calms down soon.