Monday, March 16, 2009

3 ring circus

This morning was crazy! Farrier was supposed to come at 8:30am to trim horse hooves. He was running late and didn't get to our place until after 9:00. Vet was coming by this morning to check on Mojo but didn't make it. When I was done holding horses for our farrier, I came inside for voicemails to see where vet might be. She had some sort of cow emergency.

Our neighbor stopped by. She works at CSU vet hospital and took a peek at Mojo. She didn't like what she saw, called some veterinarians she works with to look at Mojo's bloodwork. He is yellow - well his skin and membranes that should be white are turning yellow - indicating liver failure. I guess cats that stop eating can go into liver failure. He could have started feeling puny cuz of his kidneys, stopped eating and is now having some liver issues. Just doesn't look good. Will be nice to get some information with the bloodwork today.

We force fed him some food and I picked up some calorie packed hospital food for him at the vet hospital on the way to work. Will see if I can't get him to eat some more later tonight.

We have this semi-feral white cat named Banana Puddin' aka Pudgy. She is pure white and we caught her as a kitten knowing she'd have NO chance living outdoors. We thought we'd be able to tame her down but she never really took to us humans.

Pudgy lives under our furniture and we never see her. She darts from one hiding place to another. We always joke that the only way we will ever know she's not o.k. any more is from the smell of her dead body wafting up from under the couch.

She comes out once we are in bed, walks up and lets us pet her but if we move, she's outta there. I'm not sayin' I wish ill will on Pudgy, we saved her and she lives a pretty good life for an indoor feral kitty. She has food and water and she runs around the house during the day when we aren't home, but if something bad was gonna happen to one of our cats why couldn't it have been a cat like that? Mojo is incredibly cool, personable and friendly.... everyone could pet him and pick him up and love on him. sigh. I'm not feeling too hopeful, but maybe the bloodwork will reveal something we can do to help him or reverse whatever is going on.

While the above was going on with Mojo, remember our friend Tom? The guy with the tree service? Well he showed up with a crew to take down the old, dead, elm tree in our pasture...

Glad I came to work to RELAX!

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