Friday, July 30, 2010

Wild Kingdom

When I was little it was a big deal to watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins. It came on every Sunday at 6pm I think... I loved that show.

I still watch Discovery, PBS and National Geographic channel documentaries on nature and animals. I'm just weird like that.

I was scooping string algae out of my little pond with a net the other night and I scooped up a little tadpole. It had all it's legs and still had it's tail... very cute! I called Furry Husband over to see and we were gazing into the pond to see if we could spot more.

That is when this garter snake began to emerge from the side of the pond. It was wriggling and moving and seemed to come right out of nowhere.... and as it emerged, little tiny froggies jumped out of the water onto the sides of the pond and onto lilly pads.

The snake was most definitely not drowning but hunting and the froggies knew it. It was if Marlin Perkins stepped into my back yard. Wild Kingdom right there in my pond!


DebH said...

I hope you saved those poor little froggies too!! And relocated that garter snake. I mean..really relocated some many miles from your place? Pretty cool to have that much life in your pond though, you have just the right stuff going on for sure!!

Anonymous said...

It was actually on Saturday nights before Love Boat! Is he (Marlin) still alive (hee hee)?

~Tonia said...

My girls would have caught the snake and the frogs!lol We currently have a creek tank with crawdads and various other things and a turtle tank with a red eared slider and a Very Small snapping turtle.
They are always bringing home critters!

Shanster said...

DebH - Well the snake didn't eat any that jumped out and he disappeared under the water! Funny thing is that I had saved that snake from the cat a couple days earlier. It was a Lion King circle of life moment...

Becky!! THAT is why I looked forward to it so much... Wild Kingdom, Love Boat and then Fantasy Island. The 70's line up of all time!!

Tonia - well the snake was pretty with a bright orange stripe and the frogs were cool. I love that your girls are so in tune with nature! Awesome!

Cheryl said...

Very exciting! Did the snake catch anything?

I used to love that show too. I remember it being on Sundays, and how watching it always reminded me that the weekend was almost over...