Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dairy, Dairy, Dairy....

(Udders, udders and more udders. This is THE money shot in the dairy goat world. These are Marilou Webb of SouthFork Lamanchas spectactular girls and where my does come from... these are probably their cousins...)

I LOVE me sum dairy products! Reason numero uno why I wanted dairy goats.

Before we brought them home, we went on goat adventures every weekend. Non-goat people told us how disgusting goat milk would be. "You are gonna DRINK that crap?! Ewwwwwww!"

Hoo boy, if I had a nickle for every time someone told me how gross goat milk was, I'd be a rich goat-milkin' woman.

We tried us some goat milk at one stop of a goat adventure weekend. It was ice cold. It was pasteurized. It came served in a cold glass complete with condensation running down the sides like a Coke commercial...

Furry Husband and I looked at each other...

"You try it."

"No. YOU try it"

"YOU try it!"

I closed my eyes and wrinkled my nose... I sniffed it....

Didn't smell any different than regular ol' milk. Huh.

I took a deep breath and I took a sip.

My eyes opened in surprise. A grin spread across my face. Milk! It tastes just like milk! It's wonderful and cold and creamy and sweet and milky. There was NO goat flavor AT ALL.

I have NO idea what those other people are talkin' 'bout. Maybe they found a half dead dairy goat and sucked right off of it's shrivelled, dirty, dying teat?

Now it's my secret mission to spread the goat love one person at a time. We let people try our milk in blind taste tests next to whole cow's milk from the store. All but ONE person in six years points to the store bought cow milk with a superior gleam in their eye, "THAT one! That is the goat milk!"


Gotta love the goat. Pay homage to the goat milk, suckah.

I found a recipe for Greek yogurt from our July Food & Wine magazine issue. I have half a gallon of it in our oven ripening as I type. It should be ready to drain around lunch time and ready to eat tonight. I have strawberries at the ready to chop and mix in...

I'll share the recipe if it turns out.

Tonight we make chocolate ice cream....

Over the weekend we made glorious chevre cheese flavored several ways..... honey & cinnamon, basil & sun dried tomatoes, garlic & dill, Sriracha hot sauce & green chilies, herbs de provance....I took the cheese to our feed store. The fellas wanted to try a bunch. Ben, the head feed store dude asked me what I recommended to go with the cheese.

I told him

"Crackers, chips, bread, veggies... anything that gets the cheese to your mouth! "

Oh how I do love those wunnerful, delightful, milk-giving goaties!


~Tonia said...

Oooh! I didnt think of adding Cinnamon with the Honey to the Chevre!! I have made brownies with the chevre OMW it was so very wrong and I am pretty sure it went right to my hips along with the glass, BIG glass of Ice cold goats milk I had with it..
Nothing like Goat boobies to get your attention!Lol I am like Wow did you see those udders on that goat?? My Hubby goes hmmm Goat boobies... They dont do nothing for me... I guess he just dont get.
Everyone who comes here usually has to try the milk.
I would love to see the recipe for the Greek yogurt. My yogurt has been successful only 1 out of every 3-4 tries...

mommyrides said...

I wanna goat too!!!! But I don't think with 3 beta fish, two horses and two ponies and two dogs my hubby will go for a goat, sigh (and you would think with three kids that eat a ton of cereal per week and drink a ton of milk it might be an option!!!)......he did say he might be interested in chickens though?

Shanster said...

tonia - yes, I love me some ice cold goat milk...nuthin' better! And if you add some walnuts to the honey and cinnamon is divine!

mommyrides - hey, chickens are a start! grin.