Friday, July 16, 2010

Made it!

I made it through my first week back from vacation... *sniffle* I'm not crying anymore. (much)

The weekend looks good... lessons Sat and Sun on both red-headed horses, Sera and Rosso.

Barn cleaning... always a nice introspective couple o' hours with horses, shavings and stalls. (and a minor work out as well - bonus!)

Swimming over at Mrs. Kravitz's house.

Helping a friend put together a drip irrigation system so I get a preview of what to install at our house.

My sister is hosting a birthday party this weekend for herself and her daughter. Baby is 2 this year. She invited about a million people and while I went last year I am really uncomfortable around large crowds of her friends. I feel "on display" and defensive.

I get introduced and people's eyes widen and they say, "YOU'RE her sister?" Yeah, yeah. We were estranged for a couple years and I absolutely know there are two sides to every story. I don't want to know how I was portrayed. I made the monumental effort last year to attend and this year decided I don't want to.

I responded to her invite by saying I was uncomfortable in the larger party scene and if she would give me other dates she was available, I'd love to come to Denver and spend some time with her on a much smaller, more intimate level. Maybe we could do lunch or take the baby to a park to play?

She never responded.

I'm not going to fret about it. The ball is in her court and if she chooses to blow me off? It's totally fine with me and I don't have any hard feelings. I have plenty o' things to keep me occupied, content and happy.

Just sayin' my first reaction was to chase after her and get a response or to come to the party anyway to show I was still making an effort for our relationship. Meh. Takes two people.

And really - I'm not at all upset or miffed. I guess my point is that I was able to step back, look at the situation in an unemotional way and decide it was now her responsibility to respond and my responsibility to get on with my life over here. In other words, "Let it go."

Ha! Lookit me actin' all grow'd up! Yay! We'll see if I can keep it goin'. grin.

Now y'all go off and have yourselves a most fabulous weekend! Tell me what mischief or fun you found when we all get back on Monday! Deal?


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your remaining vacation and don't fret over people you can't control.

This weekend DH and I are having a joint birthday party. Woo Hoo!

DebH said...

Ok...back to check in on everyone and Shanster your my first check-in-0n!! Glad you survived the Vacation hangover and just think..its already a weekend. And on the sister, don't waste your time on the trying-to-hard to click with her. If and when she matures, she may come to understand that we are here such a short time...don't make it a selfish existence and love your family...NO MATTER WHAT!!! I know its hard sometimes...I got some real doozers on my side err...but not you (Pat or Robin) cuzz I know they might read stuff..snort.
On your red headed are just having the time of your life and enjoy that above all!
Now on this weekend, I am kicking it off with a little backyard firepit sit around the fire and eat brats and drink a little ale. My renters are leaving in a couple days so I think I could get lucky....(HUGE SNORT) ...seriously..I mean they pay me tonite for the many weeks they have camped in my backyard. But, who knows, one of them has become quite a pal....just too bad hes married! (smile)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shanster:
Too bad about your sister, did she ever reply? I'm with Dedene, do what's best for your mental health and don't worry about the mental health of others, only you can look out for you.

My weekend was full of friends and sunshine and a day at the beach. Would have liked it to include a trail ride but haven't reached that point yet. The bossy mare and I are doing better. So we are making progress! Just wish I was close enough to real trails for rides. Still have to cross roads to get anywhere remotely trail like.

Don't know if you are on facebook or not but if you are let me know and maybe we can hook up. I've got pictures of "the other man....." up finally and he is very very handsome!!! And very aware of it too!!! hee hee!!!

Shanster said...

Dedene - thanks and I'm not! grin

DebH - Thanks DebH! Hope you had a fabulous cozy campfire - wink - lots o' good ale and yummy brats! Yes, I love my family but sometimes it is awful hard to LIKE them. grin.

Shanster said...

mommyrides - hey! Been wondering how you've been doing! Oh, it's the same ol' same ol' with sis. She never responded. I'm cool with it.

Oh, the beach sounds good! I'm with you, I don't like riding on the roads. Cars around here don't slow down and too much could go wrong... but that is me and I'm a big ol chicken.

I'm not a facebooker... you'll have to send me a pix! Inquiring minds want to know!